4 meter component video cables, what's good?

I am leaning towards Nordost or Harmonic Technology. What brand would you put on your own tv?
I use Analysis Plus, and am very happy with them.
I'm using Belden 89248 for Component level cabling and Harm Tech Crystal Silver for S-Video cabling. I get the Belden at wholesale prices and the HT cabling was a deal that i just couldn't pass up.

If you are handy and don't mind soldering to save what might be tall cash, look for long runs of used cabling and cut to length as needed. That is what i did with the HT S-video cabling. I was able to find an 18 meter run of their single crystal silver / teflon cable for $75 including shipping. Not only was i able to plumb my HT and bedroom systems with this as needed, i had more than enough left over to do my brothers, father's and business partner's systems. Sean
check out www.fatwyr.com they will build you what you want. Also, the folks ar Verrstar have really good High Definition component cable and will build to suite.