4, 8, 16 ohm taps 300B tube amp question

I have a Cayin 300 B SET tube amp that is driving a pair of Omega Max Hemp speakers ( 8 ohm, 96dbw ). My question is this: What difference do the various taps make in terms of sound? Also, will there be any difference in gain, volume or dynamics? Thanks for the help, Mark
this topic has been discussed recently.

I imagine you would want either the 8 ohm or the 4 ohm but try them out yourself it will not hurt the amp. BTW I do not think there will be an appreciable difference in volume just tone and dampening control with the 4 OHM being the tightest and leanest sound.
can you post a link to the earlier thread? It would be interesting to know what this actually does...thanks for the info.
Pull up the thread posted on 8 12 08 by member Rdylan titled Impedence Question. This scratches the surface of the issues involved and might lead your to more specific inquiries, again which have been discussed in some great depth. Unfortunately you might have to dig them out by research on your own. Hope that helps a little bit.
Thanks for the help, I'll look it up, I hope to learn more about the electronics/circuitry involved...