3k Budget for Cartridge, Phono-Pre, and Cables - Recommendations Please

I am helping a friend out. He he is not into equipment, but heavily into rock/jazz since the 70's, and has a good vinyl collection. His system came from me after I upgraded and is comprised of: a Marantz tt with the Clearaudio Vituoso Wood, a Primaluna Dialogue Two integrated amp (legacy), Spendor SP2/3s, and an inexpensive, off-brand phono-pre that he bought (I think it is for DJs). He will get my Scout 1.1, and he has allocated 3k for cart, phono amp, and 2 sets of interconnects. I will do the cartridge set up. 

Need to keep it very simple, but good sound and build quality. Not opposed to phono-pre being tube, but prefer solid state. Do not want to have replacement tubes, gain and other settings inside the unit. He does not live near me and will not want to do this if needed. Settings in phono-pre must easily match those for the cartridge. Can buy new/used but will for sure buy the cart new. 

Looking for recommendations. My experience is limited. My only 2 phono stages have been tube, an Audio Electronics DJH unit, and Manley Chinook. My carts have only been the Virtuoso Wood, and 2 Soundsmith moving iron. I know there are tons of other options for a good phono-pre/cart combo in this price range. Thank you for your time!

Sumiko blackbird is my first choice for rock.  dynavector xx2 is my favorite cart.  Audio Technica Art 9 is my favorite cart for the money.  Sutherland 20/20 is a fantastic preamp with selectable loading to help fit desired sound.  Personally i think bluejeans low capacitance cables work well for phono runs and standard line level and they are cheap. 
I don't think the Blackbird is a safe choice. Easily damaged. Ortofon 2M Black or Nagaoka MP500. MM over MC for him in case there are noise issues.

Since your friends' system came from you and you'll be setting up his new cart...it seems that you should have suggestions that are valid?
My initial thoughts were an Ortofon 2M Black or similar cart and a ss phono pre, such as one by PS Audio or Sutherland. But as I mentioned in the OP my experience is limited and I value Agon’ers opinions. Thanks to all for the replies so far!  
His Marantz turntable is the same as one of the Clearaudio products, what will he gain with the Scout 1.1?  Do you really think he will like a unipivot arm?
Actually my first thought. The Scout is a bit of a sideways move at best, soundwise.
@slaw +
It would seem that you are not confident in choosing relevant equipment for your friend, but you sold him your system. You should be confident to recommend a Hi Fi shop, or your opinion.
Thanks for all the feedback. To me the Scout 1.1 was an improvement over the Marantz. I never liked the magnetic tracking adjustment on the Marantz, but the table and Virtuoso Wood were much, much better than what he had, so he bought the table. The Scout unipivot arm tracks much better with a quieter background. 

I am confident in recommending equipment for him, but I value others opinions on what they have had actual experience with, and want to take that into consideration. What I am less confident in is spending other people’s money, but he asked me to do this for him, so I am and trying to help him learn more about audio in the process. I know there are many more folks on this forum with more audio experience than myself.