3D Tonearm on VPI Super Scoutmaster

After buying the 10 inch 3-D tonearm for my Super Scoutmaster Rim Drive which currently has the 10 inch Classic tonearm I’ve discovered that the 3-D tonearm won’t turn on the pivot because the right azimuth knob located on the side of the tonearm strikes the VTA column. I’ve been told that the only way to fix this is to mount a new single piece tonearm baseplate under the VTA column which is slightly wider than the current one I use. Is this correct? Thanks
I answered on AudioAssylum....  you need the whole arm including base....not just the arm wand assembly.  Call VPI
I think maybe slimmer weights can help. 
Slimmer weights would work, but would also provide less stability.  Call VPI and get the right fix....mine works great