3D Printed Tonearm

I just saw a 3D printed ta for the first time. It was on eBay & had very little info. It says it’s a VPI 12” but, doesn’t say the material-I think there are ~4 different materials to use(?). I would assume they had to have the counter weight either custom machined or printed the ta so a certain brand’s fit it.

I’m curious if anyone has ever used one or been able to “hear” one. With all the audiophiles who like to tweak & even heavily rework things, I wonder if this’ll be the newest thing?
There has been a lot of discussion about the arm on the VPI Forum site.
I have a 10" 3D arm on my Prime.  I suggest you go to the VPI website where you can see the product and go to the forums where it is discussed at length.