3D Printable: Furutech GTX Style Wallplate

In the quest to have a more secure wall outlet so my plugs don’t pull the outlet covers out I wanted a more secure WallPlate but the Oiyade and Furutech are too expensive for my basic need. So I designed my own. This is v4 and I’ve already done prints of v1-3. I’m going to design a Oiyade style version as well. They should accommodate any receptacles. Trying to source a decent price carbon fiber wall plate that is 2-4mm thick. Let me know what ya’ll think. https://imgur.com/a/NxTm2RO
Sweet. But what is the material?
It can be whatever.  Aluminum, PLA, Nylon, etc.  I've been doing mockups in PLA.
Carbon fiber would be awesome, but probably not printable. 

What about printing one in PLA or aluminum and then wrapping/bonding it in carbon fiber?
I make mine out of 1/8 inch Gabonese ebony for that rich, dark midrange texture!