3D Bluray players and Tvs

The Samsung rep set up a new 46" 3D flat pannel along with the 3D BR player at local shop and the 3D set up drawed a lot of attention. While I am not an early adopter, I cound not thinking about all my BR players from Pio Elite, Denon and Onkyo would be obsolete soon.

What do you think?
Don't forget front projectors! I would love to own a 3D capable PJ! As with all electronics, most are obsolete when they're first released IMO! ;-)
Not impressed. I saw most of the 3D displays at CES. To me 3D right now is not as good as 2D. Yes you get more depth, but the background material you see is not sharply focused or have the vibrant colors that pop. They showed a coral scene where an angel fish swam out 1 foot in front of the screen, turning around and upside down. That was cool but the rest of the background including choral was in the monitor. Now if the whole movie was made this way where it was in front of you; now you have something. This was true even in Avatar. I think the only way you could achieve this is with lasers or maybe holography or a combination. I don't know about you, but I don't want to wear glasses every time I watch. This will sell as any new technology does, but for now I am not interested.
Agree with Rwwear. I think this is a gimmick that will appeal to some and it will fade. I recently bought a BluRay player for the first time and the salesman told me that buying a 3D model would future proof me. I don't need a 3D display, where I would make an investment is BluRay Audio, then I could buy yet another version of Dark Side of The Moon!
Very doubtful this will fade Theo. With gaming being such a large and profitable market. 3D technology is here to stay. It will only get better as time passes.

Let us not forget all the folks that said Blu ray was just a fad like SACD. In the end, it will all go digital downloads..whether the old school fellows like it or not.

You have new 3D networks rising, ESPN is one of them. There's too much money at stake for the industry to just let this one fade away.
I don't remember anyone comparing Bluray with SCAD, and if anyone did they're a fool. This is the classic apples and oranges argument. SACD and DVD-Audio were always going to be audiophile niche products, and nothing else, despite Sony's hype at the start. The mainstream population has never been interested in higher sound quality in any large numbers, surround sound or not, and never will be. Video on the other hand is a completely different story. Everyone owns a T.V. and with sales of large flat screen HDTV's being as high as they are,at least one high def disc based format was guaranteed to take off. Sony had to win one eventually. This 3D thing is primarily, in it's present form anyway, a gimmick. The only chance it has to succeed in my opinion is if the gaming community embraces it wholeheartedly, and that is far from guaranteed.
Apparently you haven't been on this forum long my friend if you haven't seen the comparisons made by naysayers of Blu-ray.

Panasonic just announced a few days ago they sold out of 3-D Tvs in America. So again...3Ds not going to fade anytime soon.
Like I said they will sell because it is new. Wait until they see what they get. This is a huge gimmick.
I do not want to be burned again. We may need new AVRs with HDMI 1.4 capable not including new 3D BR player. No doubt that the gaming industry and the porn movie industry will embraced the new tech.

I have a bad feeling that the 3D technology is here to stay. ESPN, Disney, Direct TV have made some commitments to support the new format.

Samsung already comes out the new AVR with HDMI1.4 capable for 3D.

Call me old fashion if you will but it may be a good time to buy some top of the line AVRs from Pio, Denon, Onkyo at 1/3 price real soon.
How so is it a gimmick? Keep dreaming Jwm...thats a helluva
gimmick worth billions of dollars. All video card makers are
on the bandwagon. The largest movie studios and game
makers have already come on board.

Movie studios grossed more this year than any in history
because of 3D.
Sure it's a fad.......right...hmmmm, the NFL in 3D? Discovery channel 3D...yup, it's a fad, no doubt.....


They'll always be someone who says no...
3D is here to stay I'm sure until holographic TV takes it's place.
I have a couple of 3D movies that I have watched on the TV and DVD player I now own.
I thought Bluray was a big improvement over DVD. I am not yet convinced by early demonstrations I have seen that the 3D "experience" is more enjoyabble. Avatar was spectacular in 3D IMAX, but the medium does not translate well to the smaller screen and the living room. Good luck to the Manufacturers on this one. Remember Quadraphonic???