3D Array Soundbar - GoldenEar Technology

Does anybody have experience with GoldenEar Technology 3d Array soundbar?  The reviews sound good but  If I go the sound bar route I want to make sure it will fill the rm and be super clear.
When I listened to GoldenEar speakers, I wasn't impressed and said so to the dealer. His response- 'They are highly rated by all the magazines, you don't know what great sound is...'
My advice: Don't believe everything you read.
If you want a good HT sound system, buy a pair of good speakers used(like Vandersteen) and a matching center. Add a sub or two for the bottom end.
Yes, it costs more, but you won't be chasing your tail trying to find an inexpensive solution that will cost you money that you won't recoup on resale and still not achieve what you want.
Just my opinion
I actually own the smaller one.  It's better than the Kef and Def Tech  soundbars that proceeded it.  I find it very neutral and unassuming.  It plays loud enough for movie watching in my 18 x 15 x 14H bedroom.  It doesn't go much lower than 90hz so a sub-woofer is necessary.  Sound staging is just ok; there's only so much width you're going to get out of a soundbar this size.  If you have the extra money, get the larger one for a wider sound-stage.  

The best sounding soundbar that I've heard is the Artisan Studio 55.  It uses Vifa's gorgeous Ring Radiator tweeters and throws a very large sound-stage. At about three times the price of the GoldenEar, it should do a better job.  It is also a little lacking in the bass like the GoldenEar.  
Any set of descent bookshelf speakers and a sub will do much better work than a soundbar, it's really a waste of money.
I really liked the Sonos sound bar, by the way, for what it is.

However, it's connectivity was really poor. I forgot the details, but something like, you couldn't switch inputs or no ARC or something like that.

Anyway, for a sound bar, the sound quality wasn't the disqualifying factor.

Never heard the GE bar.