3a decappo's or proac 1.5 for cary 300sei

I've been looking for a nice simple intagrated tube system, for the last few months just by gathering imformation from this site, and this is what i've narrowed it down to. I listen to classical,jazz and rock music. My room is 10x20, and i listen to my music at normal to loud levels .My current system is all solid state gear, a DNA 2 deluxe,threshold fet10e, and dynaudio 1.3se's.This combo sounds good to me, but i would like to give tubes a try.
A friend of mine has good things to report about the Cary and merlins.
cary 300sei may not be enough juice for the proac 1.5's. i heard these being driven by an 18wpc antique sound labs integrated - very nice, but ya couldn't crank it up...

i've never heard the 3a's, but aren't they quite efficient? may be a better match for the cary. proac recommends an arc tubed preamp & arc solid-state 100.2 amp to go w/proacs. i have heard this w/proac 2.5's & it does sound great.

in your situation, i'd suggest a pair of those 8wpc asl mono-blocs for sale here on a'gon for <$500/pair. these have a volume pot, so you could match them easily in your present set-up, in a bi-amped configuration, w/the asl's on your 1.3's tweeters... or, check the amp voltage outputs, you may get lucky & find that an asl wave monoblock, $238 per pair, & ~10wpc, may match up w/your mccormack amp, w/no attenuation needed. but, those *spendy* asl's have a much beefier transformer as well as the volume pots - prolly worth the extra money anyway...



doug s.