3A Andante speakers

I have pair of these speakers. They really sound great for what they are.

Anyone have info on the 3A line of speakers? They are made in France and from around l990 or so.

I would like to get more info on these speakers and the company.
I guess I should have added a few more details.

These speakers are not the Acoustique 3A Andante. When you search on the internet, all the info is regarding the Acoustique 3A Andante. I do not see any on the pair I have.

The speakers I am talking about is made by a French company called 3A. They seem to no longer be around. The Andante model is a bookshelf type and passive. And 2 way.

It was around in the eary 90s... Anyone know? I'll try to put up photos.
Sounds they might be Reference 3A when the line was based in Europe. Designed by Daniel Dehay and at least at one point manufactured by Innovac in Switzerland.
I found the company for these speakers:

3A Audio Design based in Antibes, France. The series was called Audiophile Serie. I can't find any info on the web.

The lines went Andante, Allegretto, Allegro, and the flagship Adagio. They had the woofer on top and the tweeter on the bottom.

I wonder if Reference 3A is the current company for 3A Audio Design of the early 90s.
I believe now that Reference 3A is the current incarnation of 3A Audio Design that was based in Antibes, France.

These speakers sound really good for the price point.