$39,000.oo Aavik Acoustics U-380 Class-D integrated amplifier


Here we go again, Covid-19 is everywhere

Uses the Pascal M-Pro2

That is also used in the $15K Rowland Contiuum-2

That’s also used in the $900 Red Dragon S500 amp

That are used in a $300 subwoofer plate amp

That all come from  China, that sold these modules on Alibaba a year ago for $100!! just like these.

What would you think the profit margin is on this amp?

Cheers George

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Ah! but it's all about the *implementation*.  $38,900-worth of implementation.
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Anyone buying a class D amp over $1000 is being taken to the cleaners. 
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The pricing for class D(ull) is astronomical to say the least, they are using a sub par output section, poor quality , or average parts.

 No amplifier can or will,sound as good as class A or class A/AB, or even class H 2 tier.

 I’ve heard many class D amps, while they are respectable, the sound, highs, and muddy mids should give truth.

 All these high quality and expensive  class D(ull) amps are really raking in the money for a output section, power supply, the,inability’s  to drive a 2 Ohm load are apparently not understood.

 I’m,a,believer, class A, A/AB, even class H two tier are so much more revealing than the,class D.

 There are some average class D amps,, but they do fall short for dynamics, speed, depth, clarity, sound radius, etc.

 sorry, I’ve heard the difference.

 No beating class A , A/AB, or AB/H for quality