32" television

The largest television I can fit in my 9'x13' bedroom is a 32" and I would appreciate recommendations for the set that has the best picture quality. The room is not bright and I often watch sports. Thank you.
Sony XBR Wega, the latest CRT with all HD/HDMI capabilities will easily smoke any plazma, LCD or LED for good. +you're getting bullet-proof reliability for at least 4 lives of any flat pannel known to break really fast.
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I recently rearranged my lounge/listening room in my apartment so that the speakers fire down the long axis, which meant that the corner where I had the hulking Sony Wega 32" needed to be used for a small table and lamp; so the monster had to be moved out.

I almost burst a phoofle valve moving that sucker into the bedroom where it sits. Unused.

Now I have no TV and have to look into getting one. Something lightweight that I can move in and out - that means an LCD.

I heard that Best Buy will take your old CRT away if you buy a TV from them and have it delivered. I may do that. I don't watch much TV.

"Sony XBR Wega"
Aren't they discontinued? Anyway, it's the best picture quality I have ever seen; comparable to Pro monitors.
I thought they didn't make CRT's anymore either. I'm not really into video but I used to have a Sony XBR Squared, or (2). I don't know how it compares to Wega's, or any other CRT, but I thought the picture was great and so did all my friends who are really into video. If you can find a good used one cheap, you may want to consider it. Depending on how strong you are, you will need to bring 1-2 people with you just to move it. I have no idea what they put inside those things but it makes other 32 in TV's feel like paperweights.
I believe that Sony discontinued production of CRT-based TV sets in 2006, in part because in that year the European RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive went into effect, which made the use of leaded glass in CRTs a no no. I believe that most or all other manufacturers discontinued production of CRT-based sets soon afterwards.

A few months prior to their discontinuance that year I purchased a 30 inch Sony Wega (148 pounds), which is fabulous. Glad I did. Hey, my amplifier weighs almost 100 pounds :-)

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The best 32" TV, in my opinion, is the Sony KDL32W650A. It is an LED smart TV. There are no plasma TV's smaller than 42". Panasonic has also announced that they will no longer be making plasma TV's, and it seems LG has also stopped plasma production, leaving only Samsung of the major TV producers. And who knows how long they will remain.
XBR wega is discontinued indeed, but it's getting harder and harder to get it used. Panna plasma TVs don't serve long may be 4...5 years before major electronic issue occurs mainly with control board that is way over half-price of new TV.
You could not give me a tube based TV. Evne paying me it would have to be a LOT of money.
Flat panel is way way better.
42" plasma I am happy with far better picture and ony a hundred pounds. It can be almost flat against wall, and turn easy.
Having a 32" display in the bedroom. Small fits easy. A 32" tube would need a special stand, and be a pita to move.
So for all those nostalgic over CRT based TV? yuck.
I guarantee you my 42" plasma is ten times better picture than ANY crt you could provide.
I bought my Sony 34" Wega (flatscreen) in 2006. The last great Sony CRT. She's a behemoth but I'm old enough to remember when ALL TV's weren't able to be carried around like a large laptop. The Sony's in my bedroom and the high def picture easily betters my 50" plasma.
"Easily betters your 50" plasma. Then I have to say you have a POS for a 50" TV.
ANy CRT has at max 410 lines of resolution.
Any flat panel worth a nickel has a resolution well over twice that.
Now stuff like contrast ratio, sure the CRT has an edge. Color, nmost likely the CRT has an edge (unless the flat panel is a very high quality one)
But basically the CRT is totaally SCREWED when it comes to resolution.

For example one can watch a VCR tape on a CRT, even a BIG one, and it seems OK. Put that VCR tape up on a flat panel and you can see how crappy the VCR image really is.
Ditto a laserdisc.
So If to you your CRT 'beats' the plasma you own.. Man you got screwed and should sue the fool who sold you that pos flat panel.

I have no problem if you love CRT displays.. just do not try to make claims they are 'better'.
(except as I mentioned for contrast, and sometimes color)
For actual total picture quality and rendition. Nothing beats a great plasma screen. If you ignore resolution totally, then well yeah I am sure you can be happy with your CRT.
I knew a family who liked to watch TV on a really old black & white round screen 13" TV. Whatever makes you happy.
Any CRT has at max 410 lines of resolution.
Elizabeth, that's for standard definition CRTs. My Sony KD-30XS955 CRT-based high definition TV falls into the category that is referred to in this Wikipedia writeup as "Super Fine Pitch," which has a theoretical vertical resolution of 1080 lines.

I don't know precisely what it's actual measurable resolution would be, but I suspect it is likely to be upwards of 900 lines.

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-- Al
And my 30" Loewe Planus does 480p and has a better picture than any LCD that's for sure. Too bad it's really only good for DVDs. It's a 16:9 form factor; not sure how much it weighs; maybe 100 lbs but it sure is bulky/clumsy. Anyone want it?
Best advice is buying a 42 inch Plasma. Plasma is still superior in every part you Judge a screen for. It is that simple! Read about it. In the US they are honnest to tell that plasma is better. The 42 inch Panasonic S60 is stunning and not that expensive. Google it and read it. I could not sell lcd to my customers cause of the many limitations it gives to the image. I only sell Panasonic and Samsung plasma.
My 2005' 42" viera died 4 years ago. 6 years ago it developed problem of blacking the screen in the middle of work that required disconnecting the unit from the wall and than connecting it back till it won't ever came back. Blown digital board itself is $250 new $175 reman-d. Work to replace it isn't easy and paying someone off to do that job isn't worth it. Nice 6yo plasma junk. Statistically it happens nearly to every 3rd unit.

Switched back to 2002 CRT Sony XBR 32" and still don't look any further.
All in one voice speaking about resolution resolution larger larger, but what about colors? I betcha none of the ever produced flats have them right.
I have friends with Samsung led screens. They got problems after 2,5 year. Led screens are not more reliable than plasma is. I owned 5 plasma's in 6 years of time. They all still work without any problem. I sold them to friends and family. I also sold Loewe lcd screens. Also a lot of problems.
Thank you for the responses. I don't have the space for a Wega and there are no 32" plasmas being made these days. Is it true that refresh rate is not as important with a smaller television and 60 HZ and 780p should be sufficient for a 32" television?
There are plenty of 1080p LED tvs that are almost no difference in price to 780p.
Plasma is about 1000 till 10.000 faster in respons compared to LED. Plasma can give depth very well. LEd is more 2-dimensional. Plasma is superior in colour realims. Watch a movie with a LED screen and you will see that the filter which are used are gone. LED projects from behind, movies look like they are recorded with a cheap camcorder. In this year shootout of best screens in the world. Plasma and LED togheter plasma was superior to the best LED screen in the world.


The OP, Guppy, initially stated he could use NO TV larger than 32", and then stated the fact that plasmas are not available in 32". What are you suggesting that he should do, or is the purpose of your 3 comments to address your own agenda?

Guppy, wish I had a recommendation for you, however, I'm in the market for a 32" TV as well.
I would go for a Samsung for sure.