30th Ann. Dark Side of the Moon on Vinyl

On the heels of the discussion of the 30th Anniversary DSOM on SACD, I received a copy of the vinyl version two days ago. Anyone else?

I found the LP to be pretty damn good, better than the original US version, way better than the MSFL version, and about on a par with the original UK version. I do not have the Japanese Pro Use version, which I've heard is the best. I can say that this version is dead quiet.

One problem I hear is a slight bit of "bloom" in the lower frequencies. Curiously, this is only in evidence on Side 1, at least on my copy. The "bloom" to which I refer is very slight, and does not really detract from a quite dynmaic presentation with a wide soundstage.

I would have interest to learn how others compare this LP to other versions. I did also obtain the SACD, which is good but blown away by the vinyl.
I bought 2 copies in the UK 2 wks ago, but have not been able to listen to them properly (developed some hearing loss fomr flying with a head cold, and its just now beginning to clear up). I have all other versions other than the UHQR, so will be comparing them in the near future. I did play this vs the Pro Use for a non-audiophie friend last week, and he tells me the Pro Use is still better (better bass, better separation etc). Will post again nce I've had a chance to listen with unimpaired hearing
Still, no one?
I got mine the other day. I have no other copies to compare it with (other than memory), but I also found side 2 to sound a little better. Still, overall, very smooth sounding.