$30K for 3 meters speaker!

Big rip-off no cable is worth 30k i hope this guy goes out of business as cables are the biggest rip-off going.
A few decimal places to far to the left me-thinks...

Do you have a point or just junk/troll posting?
what point do you want to discuss? 
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There comes a time to expose the Emperor's New Clothes.

You heard them and didn't like them in your system?
What these super high end cable manufacturers assume is that the cables used in the recording chain are perfect. Notice they don't market their cables as bringing you 100% accuracy to the recording, mastering and pressing losses as the "original musical event".
I have the audioquest wel speaker wire 8ft which is pretty much 3m.  Retail is similar to above.  Of course I paid a fraction of that.  Compared to every other cable I have heard, I find it very competent at the price I paid.  I doubt I will ever replace it
I haven’t have opportunity to listen to them live yet but ran into couple demo clips from audio shop in VietNam and they are sounding very nice

Yes I too have the Wels
Best speaker cables I have had so far!

@jperry ,
I wouldn't even consider them