$30K DAC in a $70K system - wise or ridiculous?

Specifically, I'm looking at a Lampi Pacifica DAC for $30K. 

My system is:
Focal Kanta 3 with dual GoldenEars SuperSub X
PS Audio BHK 300 monos
PS Audio BHK preamp
Rotel 1072 CDP (modded)
Fidelizer Nimtra Signature server
Modwright/Oppo Sonica DAC with LPS
Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core with LPS
AQVOX AQ Network Switch SE

Cables, misc:
Synergistic Research, Wywires, Wireworld, Shunyata, Curious Cables, DH Labs, SoTM, IsoAccoustics, Herbie's

@jafant I had John Hillig and Musical Concepts mod my Hafler DH220 amp and DH110 pre. They were so amazing, that I sent him the Rotel. I don't have the Rotel (or Haflers) and can't find invoices. But I don't think it was more than $200. John is brilliant. 
@mtdining  I'm curious about your comparative comment about Pacific vs. Rossini.  Have you had both in your system for comparison?
@david_ten as I don't currently use streaming in my system I'm not best positioned to comment. To me my CD player system (five boxes) is a source.

I guess my only observation would be that were I to add a streaming solution it might be from Taiko Audio (I use other of their products) -- and their streamers don’t run cheap but the impact they add seems substantial (pace Mike Lavigne for example)
Your file player should blow away your CD player, if it doesn't, start there.