$30K DAC in a $70K system - wise or ridiculous?

Specifically, I'm looking at a Lampi Pacifica DAC for $30K. 

My system is:
Focal Kanta 3 with dual GoldenEars SuperSub X
PS Audio BHK 300 monos
PS Audio BHK preamp
Rotel 1072 CDP (modded)
Fidelizer Nimtra Signature server
Modwright/Oppo Sonica DAC with LPS
Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core with LPS
AQVOX AQ Network Switch SE

Cables, misc:
Synergistic Research, Wywires, Wireworld, Shunyata, Curious Cables, DH Labs, SoTM, IsoAccoustics, Herbie's

In my opinion a very sensible idea -- I subscribe to the "source first" system building philosophy and have a third of the cost of my system in sources, and only 10% for the speakers -- if your speakers work for you in your room then upgrading the source will only make them sound better
I don't think it's way out of line. It sounds less ridiculous when you say that it's a $30K DAC in a $95-100K system, which is what the full system would be once it's in correct?

When I go for upgrades, I generally try to identify the weakest link, and then upgrade it to the point where it's one of the strongest links. That allows it to stay through other upgrades (assuming I have more coming). From that perspective, it seems like this makes sense as well. It's more money then I have to put into a system, but I think it holds up in principle. 
I first put my money into my speakers and build from there. Second are my amps and then my source. $30k for a DAC IMO is a little overkill but like all audio it is a personal decision. Now if I could get a $30k DAC for under $10K used that's a different story. Good luck.