300B tubes for Push Pull amplifiers

I red that tube perfomance depends on the amplifier circuit.
Well, I have a very rare Silvaweld Push Pull monoblocks with 300B tubes. Each amplifier use a pair of 300B with a pair of 5AR4 rectifier.
All 300B reviews or coments I red (like Psvane, TJ, KR, Shuguang Treasure, Sophia Electric....) are for SE amplifiers.
Do you have experience with 300B tubes with push pull configuration? Chinesse or Rusian Tubes ?
I saw that Nagra use the very affordable JJ on their new 300B push pull amplifiers.
I will apreciate your coments or recomendations.
I've been using a quad of the Genalex Gold Lion 300b's in my pp 300b. I like them very much. I've been happy with the Sophia (TJ) Mesh in them also.

Some amps will sound better with certain tubes and there is your own taste that ultimately matters. As far as odds go...I would bet you'd be happy with the Genalex.

You should get at least a matched pair but ultimately a matched quad of whatever tube you decide on for your monos.