300B tubes for AN Kegon Set amps?

I am looking for 300B tube suggestions for some AN Kegon set amps I just purchased used to drive a pair of 98db speakers. I am considering EAT, Sophia, Takatski, and Elrog. I have read reviews saying the Elrogs sound incredible but have a reliable problem?
I can't advise you on the Elrog, Takatsukis, or the other tubes you've mentioned, but don't overlook EML XLS 300B tubes.

They are reasonably priced, compared to the Takatsukis, in particular. They are robust, tank-like in construction, and sound wonderful in my SET 300B.

There are threads regarding this very subject here on A'gon, do a search and you will be able to find more info.

Cyrus, If you are choosing a tube like Sophia or Takatski, you would have an assurance that these tubes would be fine in your amp since they were designed with the same filament current draw of 1.2 amps and other operating points as the Western Electric 300b. If you choose Elrog, EAT or EML, I would suggest contacting both Audio Note and your chosen tube manufacturer to make sure that tube will function with no issues in the Kegon. Audio Note may have real world suggestions as to which highend tubes they like with this amp especially if you are using Audio Note speakers. Regards Jet.
I have experience with both the Sophia RP and Takatsuki. Both are good, but the Takatsuki is superior - by a lot. (Honestly, not even close. The only advantage of the Sophias is cost.) I have had no reliability issues with the Takatsukis. I have a pair of barely-used EATs, but neither own nor have heard the Elrogs.
Anyone have any info on the EML Mesh 300B tubes? I currently own the Psvane black bottle tubes and they are powerful sounding but I wonder if the EML Mesh will sound more liquid in the highs? My amp is a Triode Audio SET 300B.
Thanks for the help. I ordered the Takayski's.