300B tubes

I'm considering tube rolling on my Nagra 300p. It comes with 4 JJ 300bs, and I am curious about the Gold Lion re-issue 300B (had a great experience with their KT88s in the past). I am also considering the re-issued GE 300B and the Shuguang Treasure. Reliability and sound are both required in this price range. No troubles with the JJ - just curious to experiment.

I've read prior threads and searched the net. Thus far, very little on the Gold Lions, lots on the Shuguangs. Cheers and thanks.
Sorry I can't answer your question.

I just want to complement you on your Nagra 300p! I heard the Nagra 300p at my dealer last week, driving a set of Wilson Sasha's. Wow. The clarity, the dimensionality, the quietness. I am very impressed with this amp and will try it at home soon.

I was also wondering the same question on the 300b tubes. I do know Nagra heavily tests their tubes and I've tried other tubes in my Nagra PLL and VPS, nothing yet seriously betters to the stock.

Congratulations on a killer good amp!
hatari..you might also want to consider the sophia 'royal princess' 300's as they are superb...expensive but great..
One thing to keep in mind is that some 300b tubes mate better with certain amps than others.
In general I can state that the Shuguang Treasure 300b has been a wonderful tube with my amps. Superb sound(very natural-organic) and ultra reliable nearly daily use for more than 2 years and not a single issue, none!Worth every penny IMO.
The Sophia Royal Princess has gotten great reviews and could be very special but it`s quite expensive(1200 USD).
In that price range there`s the Japanese Takatsuki 300b to consider.
Best of Luck,
I purchased 2 pairs of the GL 300b for a push-pull I got recently. I like their sound and they behave perfectly.

Some tubes just work better in certain circuits. Staying south of KR/EML/WE prices, I like the Sophia Meshes also.
"Some tubes just work better in certain circuits.”

I agree. I’ve also heard the same from some amp designers of note. FWIW, for me, the Sophia Royal Princess has been right on the money. And from what I recall of my auditions with Nagra (some time ago), I would find some way to listen to this tube in your amplifier. Talk to Sue at Sophia. I’ve known them to be very accommodating.
Jfrech - thanks! I love this amp - simple, small, sounds terrific. I have a VPS and PLP now too. Any advice on interconnects or power chords? Have you tried any battery units for the VPS (ie Red Wine Audio). I use stock cables. Also, what speaker cable was your dealer using in your listen on the 300p/i?
Thanks for the tube advice. The Sophia Royal Princesses are the most expensive tubes I've seen! I will look into them and call Sue. I may experiment a little with the Gold Lions first as a "reasonable" starting point.

Further input absolutely welcome and thanks.
So I love the Transparent Cables. Some of this might depend on your speaker choice, but they are just wonderful for me. Power cords I am using Shunyata again a great match.

Powercords are a big deal with Nagra, I've also found the power supply on your VPS likes good support (cones etc). Are you using the VFS shelf like your 300p amp has? It really helps the PLL and VPS (I stack these two-see my system pics)

I did try the red wine power supply. It really helps the VPS. Lowers the noise floor, everything is smoother, better flow to the music, better details. I'd go this route over a power cord.

Good luck on the tube hunt!
There are 8 of KR tubular type 300B's right now on sale for USD1300 ONLY! They are superb to all that Chinese WOW tubes, imo.
The seller dont want to sale outside of US, otherwise they were all gone.

Good luck.
In regards to reliability, no issues with the Shuguang Treasure 300b tubes in close to two years of everyday use. Nice sounding. I had KR 300b's a while back. I strongly suggest a search on audiogon first.
Something that hasn’t been said here, and perhaps I’m stating the obvious, is that 300b tubes spec very differently from one another and require carful matching with an amplifier. If an amplifier calls for a 300b that is a Western Electric equivalent, a lot of modern high performance 300b tubes won’t be compatible. Matching your amplifier with the correct tube requires more than an audition if longevity of these very expensive tubes is a consideration.