300B tube ringing

when i lift the needle off the record, i sometimes hear "tube ringing"from the left speaker..i tapped the 300b tube with a q-tip (lightly) & i can hear the microphonics.
any way i can take care of this??? Do they make tube dampers for 300b tube? Who? Where?
It may well be the 300B; however, it could be your driver tube. Consider swapping, left to right, your 300Bs and recheck the ringing issue to rule out another source. Jim.
there is a way that you can take care of this, and permanently, but you're probably not gonna like it.
Go for some quality solid state equipment.
Told ya you wouldn't like it, but there it is.
IF it is only one tube doing it, then you'll need to retube at least that channel. Tubes are *microphonic* and the degree to which they do that varies quite a lot, as does their internal self noise - so that's one set of parameters which are used to select tubes out of a batch.

Keep the 300Bs... they're nice...

Check the drivers, as suggested, and swap channels for certain identification...

Putting anything on the outside of the tube won't do very much to eliminate the internal microphonics - of course the less you *excite* the resonance, the less of it you will hear.
i had some cary 300b sigs. one tube was microphonic. i eleminated it by making sure my tubes were seated very well and isolation points on my amps and amp stands. problem was solved for me
We have found the 300B tube to be among the most problematic of all the power tubes in regards to microphonics. You can find excellent, inexpensive damping instruments for the 300B tube at Herbie's Audio Lab.

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Though anything may happen, the 300B are rarely the culprit of the symptom you describe. Same with the driver tube, not sensitive to microphony. It is usually the first stage input tube.

Never tap on tubes without knowing why. You stand a chance of causing a problem.

The simple way to determine the problem is to switch the input tubes left to right, since they are most likely the culprit. See if it swaps channels. Next do the driver, them power tubes.

If you plug this link into your browser you will see an explaination of microphony quoted from the tube "bible". The RCA Radiotron Designers Handbook 4th Edition.

You don't mention your type of amp of the make of the 300b. I can tell you that the Art Audio Diavolo with the KR tubes has a reputation for tube ringing.