300b tube amp question and recommedations

I'm looking at maybe getting some 300b tube amps for my very efficient Klipsch speakers 102 db per 1 watt. I thought the 300b tube amps had good bass, but after reading a few threads, some people are saying that 300b can be bass shy. My concern with the Klipsch speakers is that they have two 12 inch woofers in each box also.
I'm looking for recommendations at which 300b tube amps to look at and wondering from other 300b tube amp users if they are truly bass shy or is that dependent on the make of the tube. Any help would greatly be appreciated. PS - My budget is not in the thousands of dollars. I've looked at prices and many of them are out of my range.
I am looking in the 1000.00 to 1500.00 range.
Main thing to worry about with a single ended design is noise in the form of hum. Push/pull amplifiers, typically, do not have this sort of problem. A quality push/pull 2a3 or el84 would work well and s/b available used in your price range.

Take a look at the Jolida 102B which is a push/pull el84 integrated amp. With some minor upgrades it is very, very good; stock it is good, too. Used prices are 425 to 575; they are extremely rare on the used market. With this kind of used price you have plenty left over for the upgrades which is basically some capacitor changes and wiring upgrades.

Another option would be to look for a quality used Dynaco ST35 that has been rebuilt/upgraded. It is an excellent push/pull el84 amplifier rated at 17.5 watts per channel.
You don't need anymore than 5 to 20 watts of QUALITY tube power for the 102db Klipsch speakers.
I think there is a pair of Welborne DRD's for sale right now that would satisfy your craving as well as negate any worries about weak bass.
I've auditioned the DRD amps and found them wanting; stick with amps that have tube rectified power supplies. A well designed 300b amp will have no bass issues with appropriate speakes. 300b amps with rolled off bass and highs are 300b amps with inferior transformers and/or incorect component values/design.