300B or 845?

am new to tubes.
I have read the archives.
Can anyone explain the inherent differences between the sonic character of 300B and 845 tubes?
Given the amp cicuits are good and built to utilise the strengths of the tube - what differences are audible on 96db sensitivity speakers?
My music is all acoustic - and 90% is female vocal. I love the sound of a sweet intimate vocal - there are not that many - plus single instruments: guitar, viola, flute, fiddle. I like melody and rhythm. I don't cope with massed instruments be it orchestral or rock bands.
Any advice is deeply appreciated.

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Like Gunbei, I have a Bel Canto SETi40, which uses 845 tubes. For some reason, it wont work with the 845B/M tubes, but works perfectly with Valve Art 845s, which cost me $65 for a pair. For the purposes you describe, they are perfect.
Female vocals and individual stringed instruments are really, really good. I cant comment on 300s.