300B or 2A3?

All, I'd really appreciate your advice here. I haven't heard an amp using either of the above tubes, but I'm looking to buy one or the other. In a nutshell, what is the difference is sound between the two? I'm looking at an 8watt 2A3 or 9watt 300B, both SET. They would run a pair of Audio Note ANe/SPe HE Signatures (98db)so I think even 8 watts is probably sufficient, however I have no idea of what the two tubes sound like.
I listen to a lot of Jazz, Female vocal Pop (sorry ...) and some soft Rock. No Orchestral stuff at all. Thanks!
This is one of those questions that just has no single answer. Why? It
depends on numerous variables. Within both amp types there's a wide
range in price, built and sound quality. Then there's a wide range of the
individual output tube itself (a Sophia, EML and Psvane 300b all sound
quite different from each other). Output transformers in either amp are
crucial to the sound. As far as I am concerned either tube type is capable of
truly excellent sound. Some may say that the 2A3 is more pure and has
more clarity and the 300b is richer and has a fuller tone-body. I'm not so
sure as two 300b SET amps can really sound nothing alike. Some 300b
amps are as transparent and clear as mountain spring water. If you want 8
watts from a 2A3 SET if wound have to be a parallel circuit. I think you
could be very satisfied with either amp choice . SET amps are a wise
direction to follow if you want the natural/ realism sound of acoustic
instruments in your home. You speakers can mate well with both of these
I use both of these amps.

In "general"....I like the very top end of the 2a3 best. I like the 300b midrange better. If I could only have one, it would be a really good 300b.

They will sound more alike than different when compared to transistors, digital amps, even other tubes like tetrodes and pentodes.

With your speakers, I don't think you would go wrong with either of them. I do doubt that the 2a3 you are looking at puts out 8 watts "if" it is truly single ended. Usually it's around 3.5 or 4 watts. As Charles mentioned, it might be a different circuit other than SE but with your AN's 98 db spec and your listening tastes, it may be moot. The difference between 4 and 8 watts is only 3 db.

My guess is you will like both but will prefer the 300b.
Hi Onemug,
To clarify, 8 watts from a 2A3 amplifer would have to be a PSET (Parallel
single ended triode). A single output tube per channel 2A3 is as you said 3-
4 watts. With 98 db sensitive/ 8 ohm speakers for much of the time you're
only using "fractions" of 1 watt at normal listening levels. There
will definitely be advocates for both of these fine DHT tubes as they will
bring your music to life! Like Onemug I'm partial to the 300b SET if built to
a high standard and implemented property. Hueyoz, if I were you I'd try
hear some of these amplifiers. You'll then recognize how they do vary
amongst themselves and sound different even with the same output tubes.
What's your price point? These type of amplifiers cover a very wide
spectrum of cost.
Are you choosing between two Audio Note amplifiers? There will be a bunch of folks that can give you a more complete description of the differences but here's my expirience: Two years ago I heard a 4 watt 2A3 amp (a single 2A3 tube per channel) with SPe HE signatures and in the same room, same day, same speakers the Kit One, a 9 watt 300b SET. The 2A3 amp had less punch but more clarity through out the frequency range. The Kit One had a warmer punchier sound. As Charles says, how much clarity a 300b amp has depends on the design. With your choice of music, you may be able to run those speakers with a 45 amp like the Yamamoto A-08 which is 2 watts. Hopefully you'll get a chance to hear both amps because a description will most likely not tell you which amp you will like better.
As already mentioned above, I think you would probably like both the 2A3 and 300B. It's really a matter of personal preferences and until you hear them in your own system you won't know which you prefer. You should get better bass response with the 300B.
I thought someone made an amp that would work with either 2A3 or 300B tubes (Interchangeable), might be something to look into?
At one time I owned Cary 2A3 monoblocks. Now I have an Allnic T-1500 300B integrated. I'm happy with the Allnic.
I gotta get 8 300Bs for my next monoblox and am debating whether to buck up for Takatsukis or settle for the EMLs you also like...
Can you shed more light (pun) on their differences please?
I don't want to interfere with Hueyoz's thread. I compared the two tubes in depth on my system page within the last month or two. I'd prefer to address this topic over there.