$3000k range amplifier

got a Plinius P8 preamp
outside of Plinius amp, what amp would you recommend at this price point?
looking to hook up with either a B&W 805 or Tannoy Stirling or Harbeth SHL5

Wow!! $3000K! Way out of my price-range.

Yeah.I think you could have NASA build you a Space station to power it for 3 milllllion.No really for $3K get the synergy of a Plnius amp.100 watt Class A would sound killer in small to medium room with those speakers.Everybody say's "Where's they hide the tubes" there so warm and smooth.I sold B&W.Not sure about Sterlings but if you buy Harbeths bight be you last speaker.They are like say Merlin or others ones that stay in production for years for a reason.There not cheap but exceed there price in performance and are just RIGHT.Ask somebody else about cables.You'll want and anti Cardas something that is fast and does not soften music.Oher pay way more attention to cables than I do.Hook up good LP combo with a decent digital front and just enjoy.
How about a pass labs X-350, great sound, tons of power, and the best people at pass. I love my x-350, Ive heard all the best out there, and this one is still a sweetheart!!!, Best of luck. Marc
Or a Pass X-250 and throw in your favorite used 500 dollar power cord. In the 2500-3000 range I don't think you can beat an X-350 or an X-250. These amps are bargains in this price range. There also not hard to find and I don't think they will ever fall below this price range.
hi, if you would like to venture into the world of tubes,I think that conrad johnson premier 12 monoblocks or rogue audio m150 or m180s would also be really nice, if you have to have solid state, even the older aleph gear sounded fantastic, and this was with revels, good luck, chris
I am using the Manley Snapper tube amps with a SS preamp, and the Harbeth SHL5s. Great synergy together.
Belcanto Ref 1000mk2
Gamut D200mk3
Plinius SA250mk3
Parasound JC1
Passlab X350

any other choices you would recommend which would generally fit with the Plinius preamp and the speakers i mentioned?