$3000 stand mounted speakers?

Whats a good contender in the $3000 range for a small monitor speaker to use with an EL34 tube amp w/ 40 wpc? The room is lively w/ hardwood floors and 18' x 22' x  9'H family area.
I'm contemplating the ProAc Tablet 10, but I'm wondering if I can do better by increasing my purchase up to $3k.

(FYI, I don't want floor standing speakers because of WAF, and have no problem from my end on this matter.)
Easy. Fritz. He has four models.  Call him and he'll explain the differences.  Any of them would be great.
Thanks Grinnell, I forgot about the Ref 3a. Yes I would like wood veneer.

I'll look into Fritz too. Lots of options too from others.

BTW, I only listen to medium volumes and our lively room projects the sound well.
Strangely enough I just bought a pair of $3,000 monitors 2 days ago.  In my "competition" both the winner and runner-up were fantastic, and I would wholeheartedly recommend either: the Totem Signature One's and the Dynaudio Special 40's. I found the Totem's to be a little more refined up high and in the middle, while the Special 40's were more authoritative down low.  And both were very dynamic.  I ended up going with the Signature One's, but would have been very happy with either.

Good luck in your search!