$3000 stand mounted speakers?

Whats a good contender in the $3000 range for a small monitor speaker to use with an EL34 tube amp w/ 40 wpc? The room is lively w/ hardwood floors and 18' x 22' x  9'H family area.
I'm contemplating the ProAc Tablet 10, but I'm wondering if I can do better by increasing my purchase up to $3k.

(FYI, I don't want floor standing speakers because of WAF, and have no problem from my end on this matter.)

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LSA10 is another option. Boy did I open a can of worms.

How to decide on any of them w/o a place to audition. Wonder what is a safe choice w/good resale if its not right for me.
Thanks for your recommendations. The Nola Boxer3 looks enticing as well as the Omega. Other than musicality what other difference can I expect, like bass, highs/brightness, soundstage and projection of sound into to room?
Thanks Grinnell, I forgot about the Ref 3a. Yes I would like wood veneer.

I'll look into Fritz too. Lots of options too from others.

BTW, I only listen to medium volumes and our lively room projects the sound well.
Mesch, I'm using narrow floor speakers and my wife's not happy with them being so prominent.
Gsm, AudioNote looks good but over my budget unless preowned.

I'm concerned about resale and Watkins speakers may be difficult for me if they don't work so well.
Lots of options recommended here for monitor speakers.
Of the suggestion here for $3k, these are the ones that initially intrigue me as a step up from the ProAc Table 10 I've been considering at $2k.
They would look nice in our place too, w/o taking over (WAF).

Omega Super Alnico Monitor
Dynaudio Special 40
Totem Signature One
Reference 3A de Capos (wood veneer version)

As a purchase w/o hearing, I think I'd have an easier time reselling if it doesn't meet my expectations too.
Buchardt’s look quite nice. I was ready to add to my list until I watched Zero Fidelity’s review. His description has my puzzled about it's slightly forward sound, use w/ my tube amp, and for off axis listening too.

Interesting you mention the JA’s Pulsars. My current speakers use the Seas Excel magnesium drivers, but in a DiApollito configuration so I know the sound in part.
I can’t get past the look of Tektons. Looks way to busy to me drawing your attention to the speakers. I like a more subdued look. Not only does a $3k speaker have to sound good, it has to appeal to my visual senses too.
Thanks Meiaflask. Your story of your journey has good information for me. Looks like my initial choice of the ProAc Model 10 or upgrade to the Model 10 Anniversary is still a solid choice for me. Its 10 ohm rating is easy on tube amps and slightly better bass is a better match than the Harbeth P3 I thought about.

I’ve used my Seas Froy mk3 speaker kit w/ 3 different EL34 amps over many years and it has worked quit well, but it’s time for a change. I like the look of the Tablet 10 very much and would like to ask what you get w/ the Anniversary version.

BTW Meiaflask, My amp is the Mystere IA-11 by PrimaLuna. It’s more dynamic and punchy than a PL w/ the glorious EL34 midrange. So you comparison is important to me.

Thanks Taww. The other speaker I’m most interested in from this long thread is the Dynaudio Special Forty. I’m wondering if it may work w/ tube amps, and it seems like it may be a better speaker for Bryston amps or similar according to your assessment.