$3000 stand mounted speakers?

Whats a good contender in the $3000 range for a small monitor speaker to use with an EL34 tube amp w/ 40 wpc? The room is lively w/ hardwood floors and 18' x 22' x  9'H family area.
I'm contemplating the ProAc Tablet 10, but I'm wondering if I can do better by increasing my purchase up to $3k.

(FYI, I don't want floor standing speakers because of WAF, and have no problem from my end on this matter.)

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Strangely enough I just bought a pair of $3,000 monitors 2 days ago.  In my "competition" both the winner and runner-up were fantastic, and I would wholeheartedly recommend either: the Totem Signature One's and the Dynaudio Special 40's. I found the Totem's to be a little more refined up high and in the middle, while the Special 40's were more authoritative down low.  And both were very dynamic.  I ended up going with the Signature One's, but would have been very happy with either.

Good luck in your search!