$3000 MF a3.2 seperates or Arye Integrated or ?

If you were going to spend around $3000 would you get seperates or an integrated? Here is some info on the system:
Office system, music only, small room(12x13).
Sonus Faber monitors-4 ohm around 90db sensitivity.
Will buy a new CD Player after I finish this purchase.

I am really up in the air on what gear to get, I have been thinking maybe Musical Fidelity A3.2 seperates, or the new Ayre integrated. And to through in a curve, maybe even get a used Sonic Frontiers Line 1 and Sonic Frontiers amp.
Any and all opinions welcome.
I'd see if I could get a decent deal on a BAT VK-300x integrated. I've heard it and it's very impressive.


Placette passive $900 used and VTL MB125 used $1600(input sencitivity 0.6V) works magics with low-efficient speakers .

Note I stated the maximum prices and you can get away cheaper.

If you will buy these components new you'll still be not to far away from $3000.
MF Nu-Vista M3 integrated, amazing!
If you can find a MF Nu-Vista for $3k you will be doing well... People seem to want more than that for them. There seems to be one for around $3200 for sale at Audiogon now. If you can afford it, this would probably be the best sound at that price point.

I do not think you could go wrong with the Ayre integrated amp. For right around $3k (shop around, you should be able to get it less), I doubt you can get seriously better solid state sound at that NEW RETAIL price point.

One big plus to getting an integrated amp is the need for only one power cord and one set of interconnects.

Shop around and you can get the YBA Passion Integre for about $3300, plus or minus, NEW! I love mine. Read my review, in the archives. Give a listen, or just by it on my say so. peace, warren
I had SF Concertos mated with BC preamp and Bryston power amp. After hearing Audiomat tube integrated, I sold my seperates and got their Arpege Reference. Try to audition one.
MYC49 What is AudioMat? I have never heard of them.
It is a French made all tube integrated. Their north america web site is http://www.mutine.com/pages/products.html
Like I said earlier, try to audition one. Good luck.
Still haven't picked anything yet. But I am ruling out the Sonic Frontiers Equipment. So it is either a Ayre Integrated or the MF seperates. And maybe something from Primare. Here is the deal, I want this purchase to be a keeper. Should I rule out the integrated? I was just thinking if I change speakers at some point will the Ayre work with a pair of lower sensitivity speakers like Dynaudio(86 db and 6ohm)?
What's wrong with MF A3.2 int or A308 int?? Or Jeff Rowland Concentra int? All very fine products.
Hello! Here's my two cent's worth. I have owned many if not most of the gear listed in this thread. I have an AUDIOMAT ARPÈGE with Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home speakers. Please.....no Musical Fidelity with any Sonus speaker, it's a definite mismatch of the worst kind. Bright and thin sounding. The Arpège is probably the best kept secret in all of high end audio. And a better value than the more expensive Prelude and Solfège from the same manufacturer. On the Solfège, I never could go for the '' 6550'' tube sound anyway, preferring the harmonic sweetness of the EL 34 tube that the Arpège offers. By the way VERY reliable also with loads of class.