$3000 alternatives to Decware Zen Torii tube amp?

Hey guys,

In the future I'll be buying a $3000 tube amp and pre, and I'm needing insight on my options, used or new.

My favored sound is emotionally involving and musical, lush, and has a great midrange for vocals. I dislike a bright sound.

Speakers at the moment might be a Nola Boxer, 8ohm 90dB.

I have *very* strong interest a Decware Zen Torii, and the main purpose of this is to ask if there's any alternatives to the Zen Torii I should consider. Would I be doing the right thing by my musical tastes if I get the Torii, or am I making a mistake and there are better options?

(I'm aware the Torii, while it has volume control, would like a pre-amp, and so I'd buy one in the future while I live off the built in volume control)
I like CJ. The MV60SE is a stunning amp for the money (probably $1.5K these days). Could mono block though you wont need to...or save the rest for preamp. My background is Zanden, Sonus Faber, so i too enjoy magical midrange and avoid overtly bright stuff. YMMV.
Hygienist, I have`nt heard the Zen Torii personally.However ever thing I read/heard about it suggest it`d be an excellent amplifier for your needs.
Hello, I have had my Zen Torii 3 for 3 weeks. While it is not fully broken in it is magical. The amp will not cause any brightness, but there are trim controls for bass and treble to ensure the best match with your speaker's impedance.

The Torii likes a very good preamp. I run CD's directly from my Emotiva ERC-2 and Musical Fidelity M1DAC. I play LP's through my AVA Super PAS 3i, using the tubed phono stage through the tape outs and it is sublime.

With the Torii clarity, the stiffly choked power and the full tubed rectification, I think you too will agree
it is the best choice. If you don't, you may return it or
sell it to someone who does not want to wait for theirs...

If you are near Omaha you may hear mine.
Based on your sonic preferences and current speakers I think the Torii would be a nice match. Make sure you try and roll some NOS tubes.

Another good option would be higher power SET amps (845,211,GM70) but well built amps of this type will generally exceed your budget.
Quad ii 40s
I've lived with the Zen Torii now for a few months, and its a world-class amp. Liquid midrange, clarity and extension, sounding every bit like a top-notch SET amp. The value to price ratio is insanely high. I would put this amp up against the Wavac ec300B (which I also own) any day. This is the best of American engineering and craftsmanship.
You really feel the Tori is competitive with Wavac EC 300b? That's quite a compliment given the vast price difference. Congratulations and enjoy.
Yes Charles, in terms of tonal purity and extension the Torii competes with the Wavac. Its also just as quiet, which amazes me at this pricepoint. Advantages of the Torii: 25 watts versus 10, adjustable impedance, adjustable bass and treble controls for speaker matching, volume control, adjustable feedback.