300 RPM motor on the VPI HW-19?

Can anyone tell me if there is any possibility of mounting a 300RPM upgrade motor on the VPI HW-19? I saw a couple sites that offer the upgrade motor - although they say it is for the VPI Scout. One site - ElusiveDisc makes makes a big deal about the upgrade motor not working with any HW-19. Can anyone tell me why? Is it that the motor will not physically fit? Or that it rotates the platter at the wrong speed? I use the SDS - so I shouldn't have any problems at all getting it to spin at the correct speed.

Thanks if anyone can tell me!
The 300 RPM motor is the same size as the 600 RPM motor. But you need a larger pulley wheel. Whether there is room for that I can't tell you, but there probably is. VPI will sell you one.

To use only the SDS to get the right platter speed without changing the pulley will simply return the motor speed to 600 RPM but it probably will not run as efficiently and quietly as your present motor.