30 Watts of class A power: What Speakers are you using and suggesting?

My recent amp has led me to want to downsize my setup. My Sophia II’s can be handled by the amp but I wonder what would I look at if I downsized the speakers to prepare for a life less crowded by heavy equipment. NOTE: The amp inspires me to believe I am hearing the very best music of my life < 70 watts. 
Sharing your amplifier and specifications will help members determine 'fit' with prospective speakers.
An obscure brand that no longer is in business.  They are bookshelf size called Hyperion 585s.  Power is supplied by a Prima Luna Prologue 5 currently using Gold Lion KT-77s. Very easy to achieve loud volumes with no audible distortion.
If you can power Sophias,  you know you really don't need that much power.  You can look at almost any medium size Cone type speaker system.  The company should tell you if you're way off  in terms of power.
What price range?
Devore or Audio Note speakers; 8 ohms nominal and very efficient.

One of the amps I run is a First Watt F5. The speakers I have paired with are, Nola Boxer 2's, Hornshoppe Great Horned Heils,Graham Chartwell LS3/5's,Spendor S3/5's,and The Betsy OB's. All driven successfully. At least to my ears. 
Hi all.  Thank you for your input. I don’t want to muddy the waters with budget am asking what you are all using and I’ll use that information so make/ model works well.  
I am using a Cary Audio Rocket 88R, a First Watt SIT-3, Pass Labs XA-25, Conrad Johnson Premier 11A, and a Dennis Had Inspire Universal. Yes Devore was on a list for me but I want to know about other speakers and what persons are using.  

I use Spatial Audio M3 Turbo S speakers with a Luxman class A 30 WPC integrated amp (L-590AX MK2). I love the combination. 
Member @mrubey is using a SIT-3 to drive his Cube Audio Nenuphar speakers. This pairing was praised and used by Srajan Ebaen of 6Moons in his review of the Nenuphar. 

I have the Cube Audio Nenuphar speakers as well. Driven by Found-Music 2A3 monoblocks.
Suppose I tell you that a resurrected and recapped, 1948 Brook10-C3 will run class G (a lot closer to class A) and drive a nice 8 ohm speaker. Does that mean I would suggest that it is the answer to your problem? At a whopping 30 watts running push pull parallel 2A3s? Into ONE channel? Not unless you had a vintage, possibly re-coned RCA LC-1A 15" speaker for each channel. I think you can see where I'm going.
I am currently running kef ls50’s with a pass labs XA25 it is a small room but it sounds amazing. I will be moving to a larger room soon and looking to move to Devore as well
Vandersteen Treo CT with 40 wpc a/b mulekicker of a NAIM amp. I have also run them with a sublime midrange heavily modified MC240

have fun, enjoy the music and the JOURNEY ...

I recently discovered my pass labs xa30.8 sounds amazing with 4 ohm or difficult loads. That is what I tend to stick to now. 
Vandersteen Quatro work very well with my Pass XA 30.5.  Although not efficient speakers, they have a powered sub integrated and an easy consistent ohm load.  I only ever see the needle twitch on the amp when the electronic dance music is thumping.

One of the amps I'm using is the Integrated Luxman 590 AX II ( class A 30 Watts) I use it with my Klipsch Forte III's, JBL 4319, and Zu Audio OMEN MK.II.

I build a clone of the First Watt amp pure class A, point to point wired and better capacitors transformer and resistors.  I use it t drive a pair of Vandersteen Model 5As with no issues.  Beats the pants off the First Watt also!

Happy Listening.

I also use a CJ Premier 11a driving Wilsons (in my case Maxx 2 - which had a lot of input in the design of your speakers which are sort of half sized Maxes). They will drive you out of the room before the amp clips.

Suggest that you keep that amp and just look at any speaker that is at least 90 dB efficient.
I don’t want to muddy the waters with budget am asking what you are all using and I’ll use that information so make/ model works well.  
Well then. Classic Audio Loudspeakers Project T3.3  field coil drivers; no worries flat to 20Hz with dual 15" woofers. 98dB 1 watt/1 meter, 16 ohms.

I recently discovered my pass labs xa30.8 sounds amazing with 4 ohm or difficult loads. That is what I tend to stick to now.

That's because Pass (as stated by Desmond Harrington) indicates the XA30.8 will output 90 watts @ 1% into 8Ω and almost 150 watts @ 1% into 4Ω.  This is a significantly underrated amp in terms of output and can drive the heck out of a 4 ohm load.
Daedalus Argos V2s with either a Line Magnetic 518IA  integrated 845 tube based 22wpc; or Finale Audio 7189 MK2 integrated EL84M or7189a tube based 20 wpc
@three_easy_payments: That makes sense! It is easily the best amp I have ever owned. 
I am using some GPA 604 to a Luxman 590 II. It’s a good combo within the speaker limitations.

Strengths of the speakers are dynamics, efficiency and tonality. Weakness are large box size, the need for subs and not the greatest high frequency extension. I have had other speakers in the system and to this point the Altecs are still here. Mostly I love the teakwood vintage cabinets they are housed in. 

I have used tubes in the past and someday may return. But for now the Lux integrated is a good combo of sound, power and versatility. 
My second system is comprised of KEF R500 speakers, a Decware ZenTorii II, and a DeHavilland UltraVerve III preamp. I was surprised at how well the Decware's 25 watts of class A power drove the KEF's, quite exceeded my expectations. Prior to hooking up the Decware amp, I'd been using a 620 watt per channel @ 8 ohm IcePower amp and the Decware does not sound dynamically compromised in comparison, at least at the volumes I listen to. 
My system may not fit into a "Down Scaling" scenario but..
Cary Mk120 S2 Amp, Audible Illusions 3La preamp, Tannoy
FSM speakers. Makes a lovely sound. If I was downsizing
I would buy the Borresen Stand mounts and run with the new Vinnie Rossi Hybrid integrated. Heavenly.
As David suggested, your amp would be a good match with the Cube Nenuphar’s. A smaller version of the Nenuphar’s is coming available soon, we are waiting for our demo pair. Same concept just 8inch driver vs 10 inch.
Pass XA30.8 with Vandersteen Treo CT’s sound very good.  Sugden A21 SE Sig. with Buchardt S400’s also great.
Whoo-hoo I can use my 30 watt output (330 watt) class A heater again it’s turned winter!  With a radiator like this who needs central heat, hah!

If you have enough budget to buy Lansche 4.2, it will do wonder with 30Watts amp.

I had been happy with Lansche 4.1(previous model) since 2006 using either 8W 300B SET or 45 Watts 845 SET.

If you have tight budget, this one will also work well with 30Watts.


I have kept one as second speaker but if you are interested then I may give you a good deal.