30.7 MAGNEPAN Tour in Indy

Just FYI(no affiliation, outside of being a former Maggie user and fan): August 21st, from 6PM to 8PM, at Ovation Audio / 6609 E 82nd St / Indianapolis, IN / 46256(just off I-69) They want to plan their food/refreshments, so- RSVP, before August 13th, by phone: 317-OVATION
Hello tep,

   I agree it'd be nice to connect with others in person, especially those in the area.  I hope you can clear up your scheduling conflict and make it.  Do you think your Probation Officer would really mind if you skipped just one drug test?

Hey guys,

     I made it to the event and just wanted to give a short report on my impressions of it and the speakers.  After the event,  I read an Absolute Sound review of the Magnepan 30.7s linked below that not only was very similar to my impressions of their sound but the picture of them looked exactly the same as the ones played at the event. The 4 sections, 2 panels per channel, were a very nice blue color with off-white cloth fabric covers.     

     Magnepan's Marketing Director, Wendell Diller, was there demonstrating and discussing the speakers in groups of 4-6 people each.   His main emphasis was the Power Response abilities of the 30.7 speakers which was very similar to this You Tube video I found:


     I noticed they used a newer looking Anthem amp to drive these but, sorry, I didn't catch the model number.  It was black with a blue numeric digital volume display if that helps.  The room was about 15' x 20' with the panels about 6-8' out from the front 15' wall.  There were no sweet spot chairs so we were all standing and Wendell suggested we walk all around the room to listen, even behind them.  They sounded great wherever I listened with better dynamics than I remember from the 20.7s.
     But they're $30K/set, so I only order one.

Totally irrelevant, but nice to see people near Indy! I live in Floyd county (southern Indiana) but I’m in Indy almost weekly for work. I’ll be in Noblesville this Thursday.

@noble100, your posts regarding sub-swarming have captured my curiosity lately. I’m considering diy and spreading around my room. I only have one submersive now, but it sounds awesome. Not sure if I want to change or not.
@noble100   Yeah, sorry I couldn't make it.  My schedule freed up but my breathalyzer wouldn't let my car start.  Oh well, maybe next time ;-)
Hello TEP,

     Hah!  I hate when that happens.

     I really enjoyed the audition but the info from Wendell is really all on those links I posted