30.7 MAGNEPAN Tour in Indy

Just FYI(no affiliation, outside of being a former Maggie user and fan): August 21st, from 6PM to 8PM, at Ovation Audio / 6609 E 82nd St / Indianapolis, IN / 46256(just off I-69) They want to plan their food/refreshments, so- RSVP, before August 13th, by phone: 317-OVATION
Cool, see ya there.
I live in Noblesville, how about you?

Just South of Indianapolis, Tim. Used and enjoyed three different Maggie models, as main speakers (with an actively bi-amped bass system, over a couple decades. Now- only have a pair for HT setup, but- I remain a supporter. I’d still like to hear the 30.7(mild interest, so- no promises, far as attendance).
Even if it's past the response date it would still be polite to send an email or call to let them know you plan to attend. Helps with planning sessions and food.
An e-mail addy, for the interested and polite: [email protected]
I'd go if I could but I have a schedule conflict.  I only live 15 minutes from Ovation.  It would be nice to connect with others in person.  Doesn't happen often!