3 speakers to consider.

Dynaudio Focus 340, PBN Montana EPS 2, and the Revel F52.

Which would you buy and why? Or which one would you pass on and why?

Don't figure in cost because I have seen used ones of each and they are all within $400 of each other.

Looking forward to reading what you think.
I would pick the 340 because it doesn't have a metal tweeter.
+1 on the Dyn Focus 340 - heard the Revel F52 and it seemed very dry sounding to me and lacked low end punch. No experience with the Montana.

Just my opinion
I think Dynaudio is the best , their engineering is second to none, even there lowest cost speaker shows their commitment to the best in reality of sound reproduction........
Montana without any doubt. Why? Have owned them all,and Montana blows them both in terms of realistic portraying the music, that is height of performers to a natural size, (which a quite many high end speakers are not able to), weight in music, and the actually sense of realism in voices and instruments.
I upgraded my Eps 2 to Was recently, even though I could easily have lived with the Eps 2 for many many years. Properly set up, they will provide you with fantastic music, bass that goes deeep and fast, dynamics in world class only surpassed by some few speakers costing 10 times as more and seamlessness which are far ahead of the other two.
Metal tweeters need not apply to these ears. Definitely the Dyns for me but that's just my preference. The important thing is which one sounds best to you and what is your preference?

Your going to live with them; not us.
I would discount Sirix's post....never heard a Fiat owner who didn't love his car.
I'm with Stringreen, whether on this forum or any other, I discount any post that involves one product "blowing away" another. Hyperbole should have its limits, I think.

I've never heard the Montana - it may be the 8th wonder of the world for all I know - but however good it sounds relative to the Dynaudio and Revel, I just don't think that when the Montana plays music the other two speakers will fly away in some kind of tornado whirlwind. This isn't PBN Montana vs. Buy-10-gallons-of-gas-at-7-11-and-get-a-free-pair-of-speakers...Dynaudio and Revel make very fine equipment.
Probably Montana/Revel/Dynaudio. Depends on synergy with your amp ... and music and listening preferences.

F.I.A.T. - Fix It Again Tony :-D
I am partial to Revel...they have an insane amount of R&D resources behind their products...and are engineered using state of the art testing facilities...less familiar with Dynaudio....even less with Montana...good luck!
Without knowing what the rest of the system is, how can anybody even recommend a " favorite"?

They are all fine kit but each will sound very different when finally married up to the electronics and cables and listening environments.

Just because say , Choice #1 sounds good in one Guy's kit (and resulting Predictable biased personal opinion) it has nil assurance that it will sound equally good in the next. System synergy matters .... Big time .

Maybe the question should be altered to ask which sounds better with your preferred brand(s) of accompanying gear? Right now all you have is a muddled "pick 'em" based solely on heavily personal bias; and purely anecdotal opinion.

I purchased a pair of Revel F52’s here on Audiogon at a great price. I have been listening to them for about a year and a half now.

With every upgrade I’ve made to my system they just keep sounding better and better. I really like the fact that you can adjust their sound with the controls on the back of the speakers. That along with the variety of sound adjustment options the HK990 offers helps to overcome some of the less than optimal production problems on certain recordings.

One thing I do know is that I rarely have to do any adjusting to a recording coming for Blue Note.

So as of now my system consists of

Harman Kardon HK990 intergrated

Revel F52 speakers


VPI Aries Scout with an Ortofon 2m Bronze mm cart

Herron VTPH 1mm phono preamp

Onkyo CDP DXC390

Belden BJC LC-1 interconnects

12 gauge, 87 strand, oxygen free copper speaker cables 

On to my next step in reaching my personal audio nirvana.