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i have been doing allot of searching for some newer good music which sort of led me back to some older artists's releases i seemed to have overlooked when they came out. patti smith-twelve; paul simon-surprise and paul simon-you're the one. all three very fine recordings and just outstanding music. if you have not heard them, i strongly encourage a few listens. all three cross many musical genres and i think even my mom would like em! they are in heavy rotation in my house...
"Allot" is not a word. BUT...I love little Paulie and Patti. Get "Horses" by Patti and the first Paul Simon LP.
i think allot is a word and i have all the old stuff! thanks though...
actually, it is a word but you are correct in that it does not fit in that context. i don't think much when i post to forums...
Perhaps you mean to say, you don't allot much thought when posting to forums?
"Twelve" is a favorite of mine. Patti's version of George Harrison's "Within You Without You" is a rarity as it's one of the few covers that may better the original Beatles' version. Great bass on that one also.
Far be it for me to make any grammatical assertion but allot is not a word. The short phrase a lot is what the author intended. Frankly I would like this site to provide a few tools when composing not the least of them being "spell check".
I hope the moderators allow this post they seem to be in a bad mood lately.
Allot it a word. And Richard I am sorry and embarrassed that my fellow audiophiles turned your post into this. Thanks for tip on the records, I will have to check those out sometime or is it some time?
allot means to portion out;

a lot means plenty.

thanks ejlif. hopefully they were just having some fun. i will continue to misspell and use bad grammar here and on the rest of the forums.

hope you get a chance to listen to those fine records sir.
Maybe AudioGon kneads two ad spel-cheker, and mikrow-sopht
werd four grahmer coreckshun.
-good one, Theo.


then: time relationship
than: comparison

advice: information
advise: act of giving advice

recommendation: How about side 1 of "My Fair Lady"? Great music back when words mattered and were actually clever! ..."in America they haven't used it in years" (English).