3-Phase Power Supply: DPS vs Ayre

Has anyone compare or know the difference between the 2 supply supplies for the DPS turntable? I'm thinking of getting my single-phase power supply upgraded but not sure which direction to go.

I'm not even sure the current DPS power supply can be traded-in for the Ayre's in Asia since the current Ayre dealers are now handling DPS as well.

Please advise. Thanks.
Have you checked with the power company, I can't imagine getting three phase ac power added to your home would be cheap. I would be courious too to see if there would be a big improvement. I know it's not much advice, but I see you don't live in the states and maybe 3phase is common there. Good luck
Todd_rk, 3 phase power from the wall is not required. The power is converted inside the power supply by amplifiers from what I understand. You can read the explanation in the owners manual online. I don't pretend to fully understand it myself.

Shsohis, I have heard the Ayre DPS version and was very impressed. I have not heard the your version so I can't tell you if it's worth upgrading.