3 Parasound A21's vs 1 Parasound HCA 2205 AT???

At the moment I am using a Parasound HCA 2205 AT(220x5) for home theater(75) and music(25). An Onkyo Pro SC885 does the pre duties.

For movies my Oppo BDP 83 SE does the analogue 5.1 and music 2.1 and the Onkyo does the HDMI video only.

My Paradigm Signature S1 v2 5.1 system with Synergistic Research Tesla cords and SVS PB13 Ultra sub completes the sound.

I do really like the sound I am getting with my setup but I have the upgrade bug. Beside channel separation,efficiency, XLR's and 30 more watts /channel, what else would I achieve seperating and getting 3 Parasound A21's for my 5 channel 2205AT for the additional cost??? Is there maybe another sound quality upgrade alternative.

I do like loud, clean, huge soundstage for movies. 3d imaging is a must too, that I do have thx to S.R's Tesla cords and Powercell 10SE. I like big bass which the svs does just fine. An upgrade would be one or two Paradigm Sub1's(lol).

If my Paradigm Sig S1's can't handle the power increase I am willing to upgrade to S6's, C3, ADP3's V3. That would be a definite upgrade in overall impact, efficiency, range and dynamics.

Any suggestions would be helpfull. Thx.

Regards Bacardi