3 Options of Speakers + Integrated Amp. appreciate all the thoughts about..

Greetings to all music lovers out there.

I appreciate all the thoughts about experiences from audio enthusiasts and musics lovers, with 3 options that I’m considering for a vinyl playback amplification system + speakers.

Thoughts from owners of this equipments are very appreciated, and also from people that had the opportunity to listen the equipments, and as well, people that would like to share insights about the design and technical aspects about the combos, experience with the "house sound" of this gears and etc..

Here’s the combos:

Dynaudio Contour 60 or 30 + Matantz PM-10

Yamaha NS-F901 + Yamaha A-S3000

Paradigm Persona 3F + Anthem STR Integrated

No experience of them! But why these particular pairs (seems limiting)?
We have a music club that meets once a month at a local hi-fi shop and we all bring music based on the month's theme.  We've been listening to an Anthem STR Integrated the last few months and that is a special piece.  We listened for a couple of months with a pair of Paradigm speakers.  I don't remember for sure which ones, but I think they were the 5F.  The last 3 or 4 months we've been listening to the STR with Klipsch La Scalas, really exciting and dynamic.  The room correction in the STR does a nice job.  No experience with the other units mentioned.
I am looking to pair my Persona 3fs with the Anthem str integrated. I would love to hear your thoughts about this combo since you've been listening to them.

I'm currently paired with the Anthem mrx720 receiver and they sound great to me, but I dont have much reference or experience. Voices are hypnotizingly real. I'm sure I can get better sound with the 3fs than the receiver. 

Good luck,
I owned the Contour 60's.

Solid speaker, really good bottom end.  Not quite as open as as big of a soundstage as I like.  But, it's possible I like a slightly exaggerated soundstage.

While I've not heard that particular Marantz piece, I would expect it to be pretty smooth, the Contours certainly are not bright.  

I think you would find a very nice listening, full bodied system.  The Contours do like power though.  Esotar tweeter is always nice, detailed yet not harsh.

Good speaker, though not the biggest soundstage.
Thanks for the all the thoughts.

Hey big_greg, do you also listened the Anthem STR Integrated with the Paradigms via the phono stage?

The room correction of the Anthem is a serious game changer. It is worth evaluating.
@bluenote64 We listen to a lot of vinyl and I'm pretty sure it is through the anthems phono stage and it sounds great. 
Dynaudio + Anthem.

I despise any speaker that put a funny looking grill in front of the driver, like in the Paradigm Persona series.
The funny grill is a requirement because of the driver material.
Dynaudio + Anthem can be interest, as it is a lot of class AB power for the Dyns.

 The Marantz is this new Class D module called Hypex Ncore, I do not understood very well what this modules have that make then so different, this is the pinnacle of Class D? or just marketing hehehe?

Anyone listened this Hypex Ncores?
I was looking at the inside of the Anthem STR Integrated, wondering how is possible 400W at 4ohms and 550W at 2ohms in a Class AB design on an amplifier at this size..

I mean... it’s not a small box, the amp appears to be solid and big, but but shouldn’t be bigger to accommodate this big amount of power in a Class AB design?

@ Bluenote64. but shouldn’t be bigger to accommodate this big amount of power in a Class AB design?
For an class AB design the STR is 40 lbs. I would not call it diminutive. As far as size and weight when compared to other  integrateds, it seem to be about right. A lot of AB stereo and integrated amps with similar power rating come in at that weight, some slightly over or some under. Things with sort of power rating  get heavier when you get into Tube and class A designs. I believe it is because AB designs do not generate as much heat and you do not need engineer as robust a cooling solution.

It achieves its power rating by using an large power supply. https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4159/34152194881_af29112e9f_n.jpgWhich provides the current needed for the amp stages to have that sort of power rating at those loads.

Thanks for clarify, i just realized the weight of the amp now...