3 mtr interconnect for Cary 94L & 300B monoblocks.

I have read most of the posts on the VH Audio cryo pulsar interconnects and I would like to know if the pulsar would work well between my Cary 94L pre and 300B SE monoblocks. I am using Alpha Core MI 2 Bi-wired speaker cables.

I am currently using Kimber PBJ and I want to upgrade to a better interconnect. I am looking for a bit more bass impact, more detail and smoother top end. I need a 3 mtr/10ft interconnect. What are your cable recommendations up to $1000/£500 Thanks.
I have never tried the VH Audio IC's before, but I do have a recommendation that will easily fit within your budget. I used to use Straightwire Crescendo interconnects and switched to the Virtual Image Pile Driver 18 IC's. While the Crescendo is a very respectable cable, the V.I. cables, after some burn-in time, surpassed the Crescendo's in every aspect. The V.I. cables, as compared to the Crescendo's, had better upper and lower end extension, cast a wider soundstage, had better spatial orientation, and brought out details within the music that the Crescendo's missed all together. I paid $175 for a 4 foot pair terminated with Cardas RCA plugs. For your particular length you would need to contact Al, at Virtual Image for a price quote. You can e-mail him at virtualimage@juno.com. I do know that he offers a 30 day money back policy on his standard cables, which for the interconnects is a 4 foot length, terminated with Cardas RCA's. I too use a tube preamp and amp, and absolutly love these interconnects in my system.

BTW, I don't work for/ have any attachment to Virtual Image, I'm just a very happy customer. Also, if you are considering upgrading power cables, V.I. also makes great power cables as well.
I think the 'lacking in the bass'can be trace to the amp// not the wires.