3 Martin Logan Floor standing Hybrids--Looking for Ideas

Hi All,

First post here.  I have a bit of a unique situation, while moving from CA to NM my moving company lost one of my Martin Logan Floorstanding Source hybrid speakers.  They reimbursed me the cost for one, but the unit has been discontinued, so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to refresh my speakers.  I bought 2 new ESLs.  This left me with one lonely Source Hybrid.  

Question is, how can I best use this third speaker without needing to buy another to complete the pair.  One suggestion has been thrown out to use it as a center channel but that seems clunky and awkward given that its a floor standing and I would need to put it behind some sort of projection screen(which I don't have).

Any other thoughts/suggestions are welcome.


mono set up maybe. other then that find another speaker, call martin logan maybe they can help you out. lastly sell it who knows maybe someone need a replacement.