3 Hour Warm-up?

I have a pair of conrad johnson Premier V mono-blocks that take a minimum of 3 hours to warm up and continue to improve even then. This seems excessively long to me, but when they do finally warm up the sound is ethereal. Until then, the sound is muffled, constricted and excessively warm even for cj. The highs settle in first, the lower mid range is so bloated and diffuse it's really quite unlistenable prior to warm-up. It's hard to believe this is how they are intended to operate but if you guys tell me "that's how it is" then "that's how it is". I guess what I'm asking is: Even though the amps eventually sound great to me, could there be something wrong contributing to the long warm-up?
I'm not technically savy enough to say whether something is wrong with your amps, so maybe an owner of your specific amps will have to chime in. But I find I need an hour or so to warm up my Pass before it sounds optimal. I think not only the components need to warm up, but my ears too, since it's a big difference going from listening to nothing to intently listening to music. Scotch helps!
My PrimaLuna Dialogue 2 (which is possibly not fully broken in yet, as I am not sure I have 200 hours on it) tends to sound best once it has been on for at least 90 minutes or so.
I'm just getting used to my Cary V12R and SLP98P tube equip. I haven't played it loud yet, but I try to let it warm up for a while. I love the sound, but I will have to wait until the winter to enjoy it. The AC is set to 77 but my room gets up to 87 or higher due to the amp. I have heard of a guy that turns on his system on thurs. so he can enjoy it on sunday! Go figure.
Thanks guys, I guess that's just how it is.
Polk 432, I can empathize with the heat your Cary's are putting out. Same here, and of course, as circumstances mandate, my system is set up in the warmest room in the house.
Tunes today, preamp on for 30+hrs, CD player on for 1 hr, amps on for 1 hr.  It did take a good three hrs of playing music for everything to open up. 

Warming up is real !!!!

naysayers are wrong. 

Treble le really opened up and extended, midrange also. 
Bass took a while to get tight and authoraive. 

Yes, it's true. 
I totally agree with you warmup time and best sound does vary with different equipment but is a real thing that all of us have to deal with.

3 Hours is very long should sound great after 1 hour oh well.Good luck!
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The capacitors in my amps are newer teflon ones, and was told they are not even broken in yet. 
They were installed by Mr. Babineau. 
They sound good nfter an hour, but after 24 hrs, it's a noticeable difference of the treble, and smoothness and clarity of the midrange. The bass also tightens up and becomes deeper in tone.

My CD player has less than 15 hrs of actual "play" time, but iusually turn everything on the night before, so there is a good 6-7 hrs of just being on to get nice and toasty
I have owned a CJ MV60SE. 45-60 minutes was enough of a warm up.