3 free DVD-A s arrived: what I think;

Got my (4 month wait) 'free with purchase' DVD-A's from Panasonic and here's my opinion of the sound. First was a '70s release remastered for the zillionth time: Emerson Lake & Palmer's thing with the wierd babe on the cover. That was ok and had decent sound, as good as any CD... Then also got Marchant's "Tigerlilly" and that too was as good as a good CD... The last and best was a Beethoven recorded spcifically for a DVD release and that was FAB!!! I have NEVER heard such a wide dynamic range on ANY CD. It really sounded like an orchestra was playing. The sound was better than any CD I've heard and it was 5.1 though I only have a normal 2 channel. I would get more if they were available AND didn't cost $25!!!! If they were the same price as CDs I would get some.. but at the $25 rate??? screw that... (and who wants some more of the same old "remastered" stuff??) I think I'll invest in a better CD player instead
You said it Elizabeth! Get something like the WrightMod Signature version of the Perpetual Technologies P-3A DAC and you'll be amazed at how good your ordinary CDs will sound. Since I have quite a few CDs it made sense for me to go that route and I'm glad I did.
I remember when CD's first hit the market, and I just HAD to have a CD player, so I plunked down $800 for a Yamaha unit. "Perfect sound forever" my ass. My humble Thorens was far more musical. At the time records were plentiful and at $6 a copy quite reasonably priced, while the CD versions were $15. Over the years I've sure bought a ton of CD's and had to tolerate the music industry's bait and switch technique if I wanted any new releases. I finally dumped the Yamaha CDP after a few years and bought a Quad CDP, help on to that one for 10 years while I listened to my vinyl and the occasional CD. Bought a YBA CDP two years ago, much more musical and almost analog-like. So yes, even restricted by the Red Book, CDP's have come a long long way. So here we have an accepted format and a nice enough library of music built up, again. I can't help but wonder if we'll be prodded into buying a SACD or DVD-A in order to listen to the newest releases? Will history repeat itself?
You bet Jeff, especially if there is a buck to be made in the process. Lets see, Sony invents a new format, Phillips helps and promotes theirs as well. Where are we going to find our favorite artists? Could it be CBS, Columbia, Phillips? Hey wait! That's the guys that built the player.

I suckered anyway, I suppose its better to have the format invented by people who CAN supply software.
It's nice to know there is a "better" format out there, but it will be some time before there is enough software available to interest me in upgrading my hardware. Most likely, when I do upgrade, it will come in the form of a new DVD player with SACD and/or DVD-A capability.

The industry seems far from embracing the new technology. Just take a look at the current libraries for SACD and DVD-A. See anything there that interests you? It's pretty slim pickin's. When the artists that I enjoy listening to start releasing their work on the new formats, I'll consider it. And that $25 price tag needs to come down. The thought of plunking down 100 bills for four discs doesn't excite me.