3 foot speaker cables, Red Dragon 500 WPC Class D amps to Revel Sub-15s


I am reconfiguring my system, and need to find a set of speaker cables for short runs between a pair of Red Dragon Class D 500 WPC amps to a pair of Revel Sub-15s.  The amps receive their signal from the low pass side of a Marchand XM44 crossover.  Each pair of subs and amps are on opposite sides of the room—the amps sit on top of each sub, with a couple vibration isolation devices in between.  The amps get their signal from the crossover via a pair of Straightwire Virtuoso XLR cables.

As an aside, I had a Revel LE-1 paired with the subs, but like every other LE-1 in the world, mine had a major meltdown a few years ago.   Its been a long time since the LE-1 failed on me, but I’m actually pretty sure my current setup sounds as good if not better.    

As Duke said, use hookup wire. Save your money for where it will make a difference. I did compare anyway of course and sure enough, no difference. So I use ordinary speaker wire. https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/8367 Save your money for where it will make a difference.

In comparisons between short 1m and longer 3m speaker cables of the same brand the shorter cables were superior. I tested this out with several amps/speakers over the years and the results were unequivocal; shorter speaker cables are better. However, in most applications they are not practical. It is advantageous if you can use shorter speaker cables. 

I strongly suggest that quality speaker cables for all runs, regardless of length, are necessary to achieve best sound quality. I constantly set up different systems with various cables to subwoofers, and the quality of the LF changes dramatically with cabling used to them. Subwoofers also vary substantially in sound quality due to choice (if offered on the sub) between line level and speaker level inputs. As might be expected, line level input cable quality also impacts performance.  YMMV 

Thanks for the input; I have a 3 foot pair of Straightwire Maestros headed my way...should be thunderous with the Class D amps and Virtuoso R XLR interconnects.

the 3 ft Maestros from Straightwire are hooked up between the amps and the subs and they are absolutely stunning...hats off to Jerry at Straightwire for giving me the recommendation, a really good price and quick delivery.  I’m struggling now with a dCS UClock/MAC OS compatibility issue, but that’s a different story.  New thread under digital forum here if you are interested.