3 Doors Down, Away from the Sun, Live Houston

Category: Music

GREAT SOUND - probably one of the best quality live DVD recordings I have heard in a while.

This DVD by MonsterMusic has stunning "on stage" sound mix in DTS surround. It also has an "in audience" Dolby Surround mix, which naturally is not as good although more like what you would actually hear at a concert.

Video was shot in high definition and then mastered to DVD quality. Sound is THX certified.

Technical sound quality is stunning. The "on stage" is incredible sound (for live performance).

Now for the bad news;

Video editing is a disaster with cuts seeming to last only two seconds before the angle or shot changes....totally dizzying - you feel like you are watching a commercial and it is hard to get the feeling or mood as you keep jumping around or zooming in or out...really the shot never seems to stay still for more than two seconds!! You can't even follow the images that the band has chosen to portray in the background...something you would most obviously see if you were at the concert.

The performance also seems to lack life ....perhaps 3 Doors Down are all too conscious of all the camera booms/angles and a desire for great sound quality ....in the end they never seem to let it go....

Sound Quality 10/10
Performance & Video 5/10
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