3-D Movie Is A Metaphor for Non-Audiophiles

I went to a 3-D IMAX movie last night with my girlfriend and finally she could really understand the difference between a stereo system (a regular movie) and my quest for hi fidelity (the 3-D imaging effect). If you have never seen a 3-D movie, you owe it to yourself.

She already loves listening to Celine Dion on my system really loud but she didn't really "get" the other nuances that true Hi Fi offers. I hope she will start listening more.

What other ways have you found to help the uninitiated understand?
Next time you go shopping or have a component home, let them hear the AB comparison. My girlfriend has been very adept at picking up on the differences between components when presented in this manner, as has my sister and other friends. Of course, she still has a system that consists of a Sony cd player, Pioneer receiver and Bose speakers. I have to admit, though, it sounds pretty good, especially considering the effort and $$$ spent. The other thing is that even when people can hear the difference, they may still question whether it is worth the cost and aggravation spent.
A good swift kick to the groin. Not really. I found people did not respond well to that. I just play music for them. Some people get it, some never will.
A breathy, ethereal female vocal (McKennitt, Cassidy, etc.) in a darkened room. Plop 'em down in the sweet spot and let er rip. It's magic. Works every time. Err, at least until they learn the price of admission...

Maybe I'll try the kick to the crotch trick next time...
Does "understand" really mean care? There's nothing to understand - people just don't care, which is fine because hi-fi isn't important.
ohlala - you, sir, are correct.

(laz shows thumbs up!)
I think 'understand' meant just that. There is something to understand, at least for a certain segment of non-audiophile types.

Music to many of them is a passing distraction on which they have never focused their full attention. I have had a number of friends and neighbors over to listen, and when presented with nothing on which to focus except the audio, it has never failed to garner a new found understanding for the art of sound reproduction. Whether or not they care is another matter.
The only "DDD" movies I've seen are some of the later Three Stooges shorts specifically made for it. This was about 25 years ago when The Stooges weren't being aired anywhere on Los Angeles TV. It was interesting to see a Hollywood theater completely packed with not a single female present.

The other time was for an Elvira hosted movie being shown on TV. I had to go to my local 7 Eleven to get the blue and red specs just so I could see Elvira's wonderful jumbo jacks in all their dimensional glory.
My guess is that you perceive your girlfriend as missing more than just the audiophile experience you wish to share with her. My experience with passion is that you rarely feel left alone with it.
My daughter, being a singer, bring a lot of musicians over. With 8 foot tall Acoustats and a Room Lens in the middle they often ask for a demo and I oblige. Usually they enjoy the demo, ask lots of questions and are open minded since they all use tubed amps. On rare occasions I'm casting pearls before swine and I never lose any sleep over this. I like educating non-audiophiles but I'm non trying to convert the world.
>She already loves listening to Celine Dion on my system really loud<

What a waste of a good system. Is the wall paper in your listening room still intact?

"...understanding for..."

Ah-ha! Freud says its "appreciation for..." and "understanding of..."