3 channel ht .... pro logic vs dd

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In a 3 channel only ht configuration (l/c/r/sub), are there substantial diferences between using a Dolby Pro Logic processor vs a current DD processor. I'm only concerned with a setup that consists of the front 3 channels and a subwoofer. I currently own a once top flight DPL processor (Kinergetics KPS-2) and would like to keep it unless of course I'll get considerably more from a current DD processor from its front 3 channels only. If center channel only serves to localize dialogue from the center of the screen, then I may stay with a 2 channel setup and find the center image or sweet spot between the two speakers. I'm strictly a 2 channel enthusiast and just playing around a bit with video.

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My informal playing around found that Dolby Digital sounds cleaner and has more resolution than the older Dolby Pro Logic. The rear speakers don't have much to do with it.

I think that Dolby Digital has the advantage because it uses 5.1 discrete channels of info rather than trying to create separate channels from a lower quality stereo pair. A Dolby Digital processor should be able to mix the digital signal down to two or three channels, plus sub.

Thank you. That is precisely the kind of info I desparately needed in coming to a conclusion. Very helpful!

I've also found that the DD is a lot cleaner sound than the pro logic, but that may be only one consideration. Second, you have to consider your software, and most stuff currently and presumably going forward tends not to have pro logic tracks (at least DVDs, which seems to have a DD track and a stereo track more often than not, though you'll certainly see some pro logic tracks, also). With that said, you'd likely get better functionality out of a plain two channel setup than a three channel with only pro logic capacity. In a pro logic setup, you are receiving tracks for two front and one rear speaker. In other words, there is no seperate dialog track and your center channel speaker wouldn't really be doing you all that much good. Finally, as mentioned above, the DD processor should ultimately give you more flexibility as it receives 5.1 discrete channels of input but can mix and match them into as many channels of output as you currently have speakers looking to put out. (If you've got a mains and a center, it'll automatically (once you set it up) mix all 5.1 channels of information into those three outputs. Add a speaker, change your configuration, it will mix and output accordingly). Unlike the stereo realm, where "new and improved" is usually more hyperbole than revolutionary, in the HT gear the new and improved stuff really is.

Very informative. Thank you for helping me make my audio choices.