3 channel amps really good

can some knowledgable people here give me some ideas on brands and models of some really good 3 channel amps for my HT. I have my 2 channel and my pre/pro and speakers ! I'm looking for something really good, thanks ! Oh it needs to be at least 150 wpc true power but could use 200 to 300, thanks for all the help !
Not sure about 3-channel amps, but locating a Proceed AMP5 (sometimes you can find dead 1/2 channel versions cheap) can be had for $1,400/$1,800. 125/250 and very good, clean power. Tough to beat in a multi-channel amp - despite repairs no longer available. Heck, with a 5-channel version, you can lose two channels and still be happy!
What is your budget? I have had excellent results with:
Ayre V-6XE (can be configured with only 3 channels)
McIntosh MC-303
Classe CA-5200

Theta Dreadnaught or Dreadnaught II. I am running my Maggie 3.6's very nicely with 2 channels of my 3 channel Dread II.
Get a Mac 7106: It's 6 channels bridgeable to 3 channels.
6 x 100wpc or 3 x 375 (I think) One just sold for $1400. Quite an amazing amp for 3 channel
Parasound has made some nice 3 channel amps.

price between 2000 and 3000 dollars, parasound, theta and proceed aren't gonna get it thanks !
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I've been told I need something like a mcintosh, krell or classe to make my revel ultima voice (center) and my atc rears to come alive and life like in theater,also Ayre but I'm not spending 10,000.00 on a 5 channel amp and using 3 channels ! If you know something I don't please share, I haven't been in audiophile equiptment in years ! Don't want to sacrifice on the rear end of my HT either.

2 ch amp Ayre v-5xe
pre/pro classe ssp-600
revel ultima voice center
atc scm 20 sl fronts
atc scm12 sl rears
some people think I'm crazy til they hear it but that revel blends with the atc's seemlessly !
"some people think I'm crazy til they hear it but that revel blends with the atc's seemlessly !" (sic) No doubt.

Get any used Ayre for the center and a Bryston for the surrounds.

Since you already own the Ayre why not stick with the same "house" sound? The Classe CA-3200 is the 3 channel version I believe? The 5200 is the 5 channel version. I'm saving for Classe amps myself to go with my SSP-800 that I just ordered! They will replace my Levinson 335 that powers my mains and my B&K Reference 7250 which powers center and rears.
i would suggest the theta to be as good if not better than the amps you have on your list (krell, mc and classe), certainly worth giving it a listen. i have had many, many multichannel amplifiers and put theta up with the best. surprisingly, the nuforce is also outstanding, especially in theater applications due to it's speed, precision and massive soundstage.
go tubes with a Butler
can't go tubes, thanks ! My speakers aren't made for tube amps.
there's a 3ch Butler amp listed right now for a very fair price. Its 150 wpc. Butler amps are way more powerful though. Read up on the technology.