3 channel amp to go with Roland monoblocks

I have a pair of Roland M-3 monos (updated & modded)and they sing beautifully. I'm looking to get a 3 channel amp to use with the Rolands for HT duties (center & rears)any suggestions? Associated gear: Theta Cassanova preprocessor, Sony 7700 DvD/cd transport and Discovery interconnects/spkr wire.Speakers have been sold and looking for replacements in the 5k range (mains,center and surrounds)I have a Velodyne 15"powered sub which I would like to use.Music is first HT second.
I can not help you with an amp as I have not listened to the Roland M-3's. I can tell you this though, Always use speakers and AMP's with the same sonics all around ar at least as close as you can get for the best hometheater sound. I use a Krell ksa-250 for my fronts and when I needed a three channel amp I bought a Krell kav-500 for center and rears. I had been useing an Onkyo for center and rears. It did make a big improvment, I also use the same brand of speaker all around.
I agree with you sogood. I realize that the matching for the front 3 channels is critical. The Rolands combine many of the desirable qualitys of tube and solid state. Thats why I would like to keep them. I was thinking of a mellow sounding ss amp around 125-150 WPC. My room is 15 x 17 x 9.