3 channel amp for H/T

I am looking to add a 3 channel amplifier to my home theater.  The room is quite large, and it seems to get a strong viewing experience, I am having to crank the volume quite a bit.  Current setup is as follows :

Yamaha RX-V1600

Paradigm CC-270 Center Channel

Paradigm Monitor 7 v.3 Fronts

B&W in wall rear channels

Martin Logan Dynamo Sub

My thought is to push more power through the fronts/center, while utilizing the Yamaha on the rears.  Not looking to break the bank (sub $1K for an amp), and am open to used equipment. 


     If you're looking for the best value amp (best performance for the price),  I'd suggest looking for a class D 3-ch amp.  They generally have high power, very low distortion levels, very clear and accurate sound quality and good dynamics (going from soft to loud quickly and powerfully).  They also have the benefits of being smaller, lighter, running cooler and using less electricity than other types of amps.

   The best value class D amps I know of are from ClassD Audio in California.  Just call the owner, Tom Ross, and tell him exactly what you want (number of channels, wattage of each, etc.) and he'll build it for a very fair price.

This was a decent amp in its day and will certainly give you significantly more, and more robust, power. 


Personally, I'd also consider upgrading your center speaker to something like this...


Your cc-270 was $279 when new, and trying to push that speaker into a larger room, I just don't see it being optimal.  Just a thought. 

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     The Monoprice Monolith 3 class AB amp, that mzkmxcv suggested, seems like a good option for you.  I believe this amp will provide a warm sound quality and a class D amp will provide a more neutral/accurate sound quality with a bit better bass.

     I'd suggest a good approach would be to determine which amp qualities are most important to you and let your list direct you to the amp that best meets your requirements.  Some examples of amp qualities are: price, overall sound quality, size, weight, electrical efficiency, operating temp, cooling fan yes/no, looks, wattage per channel minimum and maximum, warranty, free in-home trial period yes/no, input jack type rca/xlr or both, detachable power cord yes/no and any others you deem important.
      On my initial post, I mentioned Class D Audio as a good source for very good quality multi-ch class D amps at bargain prices.  Here are a couple multi-ch class D amp sources that I consider a moderate step up in performance, cosmetics and price:



Thank you all for the support.  I ended up going with a Proceed Amp-5 that I was able to pick up.  Very excited to add this to my setup.
Uh, I recommended the amp 3 for sale here. Did you find an amp 5? I’m sure that will be an improvement, but seriously, you need to consider upgrading your center speaker. If not the Paradigm I mentioned earlier, I think even this would bring a meaningful improvement to your sound...


Regardless, please let us know how it works out. 
I am selling a Rotel RMB-1575 5 channel amp if you are interested.  Tons of power and plays just about anything you throw at it.  Currently I am running 5 b&W CWm7.3 in-walls which dip down to 3.7ohms. The does 500x5 @ 4ohms  and 250x5 at 8ohms.  Clean power and runs cool.  I have it listed on this site if interested.

You will be happy with the Amp 5.  Classic build, excellent sound.  I have had an Amp 3 in my system for probably 15 years and it's bullet proof. The rest of the Proceed line did not survive the HDMI and digital processing protocols......
Noble100....what pre amps are you using with your Class D amps for HT.  Nord does not have a 5 channel, which is what I need.  
Hello willgolf,

     I was using a VTL2.5L preamp (no phono stage) with NOS Mullard tubes and a HT Passthru switch. Then I discovered how good class D amps performed when compared to my class AB amps I was using and eventually replaced them all with class D amps.  In an effort to stream line my 5.1 system, I removed the VTL and a Parasound processor from my system and just went direct from the outputs on my Oppo-105 player to my class D amps.  This keeps things simple and sunds great.
     For amps, I currently use a Class D Audio SDS-440-CS stereo amp to power my rear surrounds, a pair of D-Sonic M3-600-M mono-blocks to power my l+r mains and an Emerald Physics EP.100.2SE stereo amp bridged to mono driving my center.  I don't currently use any multi-ch class D amps.
    If I was looking for a high quality 5-ch class D amp I would probably call D-Sonic and talk to the owner, Dennis Deacon.  He's very knowledgeable and a nice guy who will listen to your requirements and either let you know which of his amps will work well or build you a custom amp for a reasonable price,
    If you're looking for a good quality 5-ch class D amp for a bargain price, I'd suggest looking on the used market.  I know the NAD and Rotel 5-chs are good performers.  Dave_t, on a previous post, said he's selling his 5-ch Rotel RMB-1575 class D amp.  That's a good and powerful unit but I don't know what he's asking for it.  You could read some reviews on this amp and send him a pm if interested.

Good luck,