3 budget speaker cable choices

Looking at:
Canare 4s11
Audioquest type 4
Audioquest CV-4 used

Would appreciate some opinions on the positive or negative aspects of these. Thanks!

bajaed, if you haven't bought the canare 4s11, you can email Blue Jean Cable and get a quote on their 1313 A cable with either locking bananas or spades with sonic welding. this is their best sounding cable by far. its 10 gauge OFC, it better than the Belden 5000 series by a mile. i have had both cables and this was it. they dont as of today have this listed on their site , but i was told they were working on it. email them
I've been using both the 10 and 12 gauge Beldon 5000 from BJC now for awhile and have been satisfied with it.  When I heard all of the recent praise or the Canare, I knew I had heard of it before.  As others have mentioned, BJC offers it as well.  However, on their website, BJC states that they prefer the Beldon (?)  Has anyone compared the Canare to the Beldon?  I'm surprised people are prefering a 14 ga cable to 12 or 10, especially for non-biwired applications.  Thanks.
I used the Canare 4s11 for a number of years, replacing some Cardas. I was satisfied, sorta. New speakers arrived and shortly thereafter so did the 'need' to explore cables. Thought I'd try the Belden (10ga) sold by BJC. I was impressed - the sound was just cleaner and, seemingly, neutral. I've been using it ever since (10 years now) and I've even been able to ignore the issue when I last changed speakers (7 years ago). Caveat - I used the Canare in single wired mode, not bi-wired as it was intended, so who knows how much difference there would have been if I had used it bi-wired. I also used it in 12' lengths. 
Well this complicates things! I was all set to order the Canare in the morning....